10 Overrated Shojo Anime That Are Still Worth Watching

Mainstream anime tend to be criticized for being “overhyped” or “overhyped”. These anime may turn off seasoned fans due to overzealous fandom or even a generic plot – but overrated series aren’t always a bad thing. The Shojo anime has been getting this mainstream treatment for two years.

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What was once considered a “dying genre”, shojo anime has started to gain traction through social media, especially TikTok and Twitter. Unknown titles now have a fresh take on them, but they’re still criticized as overrated. Veteran anime fans claim that other series share similar story arcs or character types. However, these “typical” stories have a way of keeping their audience hooked.

ten Yona Of The Dawn turns the damsel in distress trope on her head

Yona of dawn is not another “princess in danger” story. It’s a thrill ride that’s far from ordinary. Anime fans who may have overlooked this series in the past should definitely take another look. If more eyes are on this anime, it could hopefully get another season.

At first, Yona was a protected princess who wasn’t even allowed to look at a gun. Her overprotective father meant well, valuing peace above all else. But when his crush, Soo-won, kills him in a coup, Yona is forced to flee and learn to live on her own. Yona grows enormously Yona of dawn and becomes a promising leader in her own right. Over time, she gains a loyal group of followers as she strives to take back her kingdom.

9 The heroine of Kamisama Kiss finds her true home

Supernatural shojo can add spice to the genre, especially if written well. Kiss Kamisama introduces a poor girl to the mythical world after becoming a “shrine deity”. Nanami was homeless before this life change, and now she has to take care of an ancient shrine and its guardians. She is relentless but generous, despite not knowing much about this new world.

Tomoe and Nanami’s relationship starts out rocky, as Tomoe resents his former master for leaving him. But Nanami’s gentle and loving personality gives him the healing he needs. They face many obstacles, but they learn to love each other with every challenge they face.

8 Kimi Ni Todoke is the new rising star of Shojo

Thanks to TikTok, Kimi Ni Todoke has become the new obsession among shojo fans. The plot is simple, but something about the writing and the diversity of the cast makes it an interesting watch.

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Sawako is a pure-hearted protagonist that fans can’t help but cheer for. She only wishes to make her world more positive, finding inspiration in her popular classmate, Shota. New Kimi Ni Todoke fans love Shota because of his unchanging friendliness. His budding romance with Sawako is wholesome, a welcome callback among normally not-so-sweet shojo romances.

seven Fruit basket is more than just a girl meeting cute talking animals

Fruit basket threw a much-needed lifeline to the shojo genre. The 2019 remake brought new life to the dying shojo genre and a new group of loyal fans. Non-shojo fans can reject Fruit basket like an all-too-happy story of a girl with talking magical animals, but the story is much darker and even hard to watch.

The zodiac curse and its effects are prevalent throughout the Sohma family. It goes deeper than turning into animals when kissed by the opposite sex, which can seem hilarious at times. However, this sudden transformation comes with dire social consequences and abuse from a cruel and possessive clan leader. Moreover, Tohru is more than just a ray of sunshine; his family secrets are beautifully illustrated throughout the series.

6 Modern shojo looks to the rose of Versailles for inspiration

Historical anime with little to no fantasy elements may seem boring to some, but Rose of Versailles turned out to be quite the very model for modern shojo. Compared to historical shojo focusing primarily on feudal or Meiji-era Japan, Rose of Versailles is set in 18th century France just before the French Revolution.

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Oscar François de Jarjayes is a stellar heroine and feminist icon, breaking traditional gender roles with her androgynous looks and bold personality. She inspires other famous heroines like Utena’s Revolutionary Daughter Utena Tenjo and Sailor Moon Haruka Tenoh. Any fan who missed the masterpiece that is Rose of Versailles it should not be ignored now that it is more accessible on streaming sites.

5 The past haunts the protagonists of Blue Spring Ride

Besides a fantastic opening by HoneyWorks, Blue spring walk highlights the highs and lows of first love and integration. Futaba strives to change herself for her peers, but she ends up hurting those who really care about her. His attempts to reconnect with his old crush, Kou, crumble when he distances himself.

An indecisive heroine may annoy romance fans, but it shows that not all leads are perfect. Through Blue spring walk, Futaba understands that she cannot change the perception others have of her. She learns to embrace everything on her own and let go of her past. It’s a good message for fans who need inspiration to move forward towards a positive future.

4 Boys Over Flowers don’t fear the horrors of bullying

An anime like Boys above the flowers can be intense. The relentless bullying from her peers takes up a lot of this series, but what makes this shojo so appealing is its equally headstrong heroine.

Tsukushi is an honor student attending a prestigious school for the ultra-rich, but she sticks out like a sore thumb, earning the nickname “weed” due to her middle class status. After resisting the F4, she faces several days of torment in retaliation – but the last thing she considers doing is giving in.

3 Marmalade Boy takes the soap opera genre to the extreme

Like a lot of 90s shojo anime, marmalade boy plunges head first into dramas of all kinds. “Sibling romance” is a typical anime trope, especially in shojo, but it’s also controversial. However, the writers attempt to get around this problem by introducing past feelings between the couple before their parents got married.

marmalade boy introduced this twist further into the story, as Yuu had feelings for Miki even before they met. He kept his feelings private for a very long time, hiding behind a detached and cynical personality. With their family drama, Miki and Yuu’s relationship is constantly tested by new and old romantic rivals. The drama is palpable and can quickly drive a shojo fan to the wall – but in a good way.

2 La Corda D’Oro combines music and magic

Shojo anime based on other games are usually overlooked, unless it’s Uta no Prince-sama. The golden rope is based on the music, but it follows a more supernatural story. The “overnight wonder” trope isn’t used as much these days, but it’s always interesting to see how writers incorporate this feature into their stories.

A student in general education, Kahoko, meets a fairy who offers her a magic violin. The instrument allows her to easily play any piece of music, but it attracts more attention than she realizes. The fairy encourages Kahoko to enter her school’s annual competition, making rivals from the elite music class. Another exciting aspect of The golden rope is the reverse harem trope. Kahoko’s rivals are members of the music class. Fans will have the option to search for the ship they think is the best.

1 The healing of toxic friendships is prominent in Say “I Love You.”

The “quiet girl dating the popular boy at school” trope has been used many times. Either way, it’s still an important fantasy for most teenage girls. In Say I love you.” Mei and Yamato’s relationship begins quite quickly, especially since they seem opposites, but they turn out to be more compatible than people initially believed.

Before entering high school, Mei had a hard time trusting people, and Yamato was just the person to bring her out of her shell. It helps him gain confidence and helps him discover more authentic and lasting friendships. Say I love you.” is more mature than the average shojo, but the light and fluffy feel is still there.

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