12 French departments still on the alert orange heat wave and storms

In total, 12 departments in the Center-East of France are still under orange weather vigilance linked to the current heat wave and/or a risk of violent storms today (June 21).

The national weather forecasting service Météo France indicates that Ain, Allier, Drôme, Isère, Jura, Loire, Haute-Loire, Puy-de-Dôme, Rhône and Saône-et -Loire are still in heat wave, which means it has been very hot during the day, with high temperatures at night, for a period of three days or more.

“At the end of last night, the temperatures were still high all along the Rhône valley,” said Météo France, adding that it was “22°C around Lyon and in the west of Ain. We recorded [temperatures of] 21C in Grenoble and 20C in Saint-Etienne as well.

In the departments affected by the alert, maximum temperatures are expected to reach 33-37C today.

From 4 p.m., Ain, Allier, Cantal, Doubs, Haute-Loire, Jura, Loire, Puy-de-Dôme, Rhône and Saône-et-Loire will also be on alert. orange thunderstorm, which will last until 03:00. tomorrow morning (June 22) at least.

“The stormy system will start towards the Massif Central around 4:00 p.m.”, specifies Météo France, adding that it is likely to bring lightning, hailstorms, 30-50mm of rain and gusts of wind of 80-100km / h .

Another 66 departments are also on yellow alert for storms, meaning all but the far north-west and south-east of France are affected by some sort of weather warning today.

Should I do something?

The inhabitants of the departments concerned by the thunderstorm warning from Météo France must stay away from bodies of water, take shelter in buildings with a solid structure, secure goods which could be blown or carried away by the wind. or flood waters, and avoid going out.

Residents of areas affected by the heat wave should make sure to drink water several times a day, continue to eat normally, avoid going out during the peak hours of the heat wave and limit their physical activity.

If you need to go out, it is advisable to wear light clothing and a sun hat.

If you suffer from heat, it may help to wet your skin several times a day, or to take a bath or shower in lukewarm water.

You should close your shutters and curtains during the day and keep the windows open at night.

Be sure to watch elderly or sick relatives and friends and take them to a cool, airy place if possible.

You can find additional advice on the Ministry of Health website Or on Meteo France.

Storms hit southwestern France

This comes after 21 departments were already placed under storm warning last night (June 20), with Gironde, Charente-Maritime, Landes and Pyrénées-Atlantiques notably hit by hailstorms.

In Gironde, the fire and rescue services were called to around 200 incidents, mainly concerning falling cables and trees, damaged roofs and flooding.

In Bordeaux, winds of up to 105km/h were recorded, and more than 50mm of rain fell in Clion (Charente-Maritime).

No one was injured, but the storm episode dealt another blow to farmers in the region, who have already been hit by several extreme weather events in recent months.

Agroclimatologist Serge Zaka tweeted: “After suffering a late frost episode (in April), a drought (from January), [crop] dehydration (in May), hail (early June) and heat wave (mid-June), farmers will experience a new episode of hail.

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