20-meter hedge flown in front of the town hall in southwestern France

A 20-meter-long hedge was dug up and stolen during the night in a town in southwestern France.

The hedge was planted in front of the town hall of Séniergues, in the Lot, last fall, and had reached a height of one meter.

Composed of about twenty plants and planted by volunteers, it disappeared during the night of June 23 to 24.

Mayor Michel Thébaud declared: “It is very sad to see all this work, all this investment destroyed in a few minutes.

He said the flowering shrubs “have grown really well and are starting to look beautiful.”

The town hall lodged a complaint with the local gendarmerie, which launched an appeal for witnesses.

Mr Thébaud said: “We hope these criminals will be arrested to prevent this from happening again. We don’t have a lot of clues, the neighbors haven’t heard anything.

But the mayor hopes the witnesses will provide additional information. “We would like to know if anyone has recently noticed that a hedge has been planted or is being sold online. It would be a start. “

Anyone with information is invited to call the town hall on 05 65 31 10 82.

This is not the first time that plants have been stolen from the town of 300 people – two more plants were stolen last spring.

And elsewhere in France, an even larger flora has been the target of thieves.

In Ariège, Occitanie, near 300 trees were stolen of a private wooded area near the village of Perles-et-Castelet in March 2021.

The flights took place within a few weeks and targeted trees 30 meters high, some of which were 100 years old.

A Spanish sawmill was suspected of being behind the crime.

And in May 2021, thousands of young vines (the main stems of the vines) were stolen from vineyards near Colmar, Grand Est.

A grower had 500 plants stolen, shocking others in the profession.

A local winemaker turned himself over to the police to confess to the crime, claiming he had replanted the vines on his own land.

Truffle growers in France have also reported tree thefts in the past, causing similar angst.

Truffles grow at the base of trees, forming a relationship with root systems. However, their growth is never guaranteed and will normally only appear under optimal conditions.

Once a tree has been dug up, it is no longer likely to produce truffles.

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