5 LGBTQ+ Summer Vacation Movies Similar To “Fire Island”

Alright, bear with me on this one. Picnic at the hanging rockThe weirdness of is the least overt on this list, but its fuzzy visual choices and subtle mysteries are perfect for summer. This Australian film directed by Peter Weir will resonate with anyone familiar with the work of Sofia Coppola.

Set in 1900, on Valentine’s Day, a group of schoolgirls attending a private school in Victoria set off on a day trip to a geological formation called Hanging Rock, but as night falls, three girls and a teacher disappeared without a trace. The first half of the film is dedicated to that fateful day on Hanging Rock. As their classmates all sleep in the sun, we watch as Miranda, Marion, and Irma disappear into the rock much to the shock of their classmate, Edith.

Just like the neighbor boys think they know the Lisbon sisters by virgins who committed suicide, friends and relatives of the missing girls are mystified. The fallout from their disappearance leads them to attempt to assign logic and reason to their actions. They want to understand why Miranda, Marion and Irma would turn their backs on their future as young white women at the turn of the century and instead choose to lean into the implicit spirituality of the Rock.

At the beginning of the film, Miranda, one of the girls who will later disappear, tells Sarah, another classmate quite in love with her, that she must learn to love someone outside of herself since she won’t be around for long. It strikes me as especially odd to know something about yourself that is deeply intangible to those who cannot think outside of their own boundaries.

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