A communication campaign to promote tourism professions and trades

On September 13, the French Ministry of the Economy launched a large communication campaign throughout France and on many media as part of the Destination France plan to raise awareness among young people of the diversity of training courses and trades and professions in tourism. , a sector that recruits thousands of people and offers diversified career paths.

The tourism industry brings together 2 million jobs in France and represents approximately 8% of GDP. The industry today is one of the “key drivers of our economy“, declared the French minister in charge of tourism. Despite an exceptional summer season which marks a clear recovery in tourism in 2022, professions and trades in the industry are struggling to attract new people. This is why the French government has joined forces with tourism stakeholders to launch this national campaign as part of the Destination France plan.

A plan in line with international expectations

The Destination France plan launched by the French President in 2021 aims to consolidate France’s position as the world’s leading tourist destination. The idea is to determine precisely over 10 years a “clear line of development and transformation of the tourism industry“by making France the leading destination for sustainable tourism”in line with the new expectations of French and international customers, particularly in terms of ecological transition”.

The first action of the Destination France plan takes the form of a large national communication campaign aimed at the general public and younger generations to improve the attractiveness of tourism trades and professions and meet the recruitment needs of the sector.

Three major short- and medium-term objectives

This campaign features the “1001 reasons” to work in tourismand aims to bring together three major objectives in the short and medium term, such as:

  • strengthening the attractiveness of the tourist industry raise awareness of the diversity of professions and professional opportunities;
  • recruitment, with facilitating measures to recruit in shortage professions, in particular to prepare for the major events to come, and for example the Rugby World Cup organized in France in 2023;
  • training courses, with a highlight on courses leading to these professions and trades.

Spread over one year, this campaign is aimed primarily at young people aged 16 to 25 who are currently looking for a job or a career.

A campaign adapted to young audiences

This campaign includes the distribution of advertisement on most TV channels and social networks. In each message broadcast, he recalls that the tourism industry is recruiting, in particular via the monemploitourisme.fr platform, which makes it possible to discover the diversity of professions, sectors, and job and training offers.

And Campus France offers many information sheets on training offers related to tourism, gastronomy and hospitality leading to these professions.