Afghanistan, France, India, Japan: learn not to trust the USA

Abhishek Banerjee

“If we’re going to attack, I’ll call you ahead. It won’t be a surprise.

It would seem that these are the words of General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the top official in the US military, in October 2020. He was speaking to General Li, his Chinese counterpart.

Who authorized this phone call and this conversation? Anybody. The President of the United States did not even know about it. In accordance with “democratic” traditions established in failed states like Pakistan or the Congo, the military leader dealt alone with foreign powers.

These startling revelations appear in a new book by Woodward & Costa. Once upon a time, Bob Woodward’s revelations about the Watergate scandal brought down Nixon. But it was another time. Today’s American liberal establishment is delighted to learn that the military leader is no longer following the president’s instructions. In fact, they call Milley a hero for being proactive in securing the country against any supposed madness Trump might have been capable of.

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Either way, if Americans want to tear up their constitution and throw it in the trash, that’s their business. For the rest of the world, the question is this. Can you trust the United States?

Today, President Biden made a surprise announcement of a tripartite alliance in the Indo-Pacific. They call it AUKUS, for Australia, UK and US. It literally comes a few days before Biden is scheduled to welcome the Quad leaders to Washington. The message couldn’t be clearer. America is leaving the Quad. They leave India and Japan in the dry.

It is even called the Indo-Pacific. But guess what? No India and no Japan. Instead, Biden wants the UK, a country that shouldn’t even be involved in this region at all.

Okay, maybe India is new to being an American ally. And unlike most other American allies, India has no intention of becoming a client state. So while it doesn’t make sense for America to annoy India right now, you might find excuses for Biden if you tried hard enough. Since India will never be a client state, why shouldn’t America hedge its bets?

But what about Japan? Seriously? America is forming an alliance against China in the Indo-Pacific, but they left Japan behind? Such a staunch ally. But they dumped Japan. I have to ask myself. Is the alliance really against China? Or did China order Biden to ditch Japan? Were there any additional phone calls between General Milley and General Li? I was just asking …

You can’t miss the fact that UK, US and Australia are all white majority countries. India and Japan are not. If you think it’s just a coincidence, Biden’s talk on AUKUS makes his thinking even clearer. He explains that it is about getting the European powers to assert themselves in the Indo-Pacific. No, Biden isn’t denying the colonial undertones here. On the contrary, it highlights it.

It’s even worse, because it’s not even white people. It’s even narrower than that. These are only Anglo-Saxons! This outburst of the French Embassy in Washington is quite extraordinary.

And here is the tweet from the French ambassador to the United States.

In diplomacy, it rarely gets more emotional than that. The French are shocked, stunned and saddened.

This is President Biden. Liberals around the world backed him because they thought Trump was a “white supremacist.” Since coming to power, he has excluded the only two non-white countries from his Indo-Pacific alliance. He let his Afghan allies try to hang on to planes to escape the advancing armies of terrorists. He stabbed France in the back because they don’t speak English. Instead, he established an alliance with two Anglo-Saxon colonial powers to monitor the Indo-Pacific. Because, you know, Biden is the greatest non-racist in the world.

The lessons are tough. Don’t trust the Americans. They are Liberals.