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Updated on Saturday July 10, 2021 | 23:39

“We need help”: Haiti’s interim leader calls for US troops

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) – Haiti’s interim government has called on the United States and the UN to deploy troops to protect key infrastructure as it attempts to stabilize the country and prepare for the elections following the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse. The astonishing demand for US military support was reminiscent of the uproar that followed Haiti’s last presidential assassination, in 1915, when an angry mob dragged President Vilbrun Guillaume Sam out of the French embassy and brought him down. beaten to death. In response, President Woodrow Wilson sent the Marines to Haiti, justifying the US military occupation – which lasted for nearly two decades – as a way to avoid lawlessness.

Research at the site of the collapse rekindles memories of past tragedies

SURFSIDE, Fla. (AP) – The mangled concrete and twisted rebar of the collapsed skyscraper near Miami sparked flashbacks for retired Oklahoma City Fire Chief Greg Marrs, who spent weeks with his team digging through the rubble of the Alfred P. Murrah federal building in 1995. From afar, Marrs befriended the Florida crews searching for the debris that was once the 12-story Champlain Tower South condominium complex. Surfside scenes recalled the urgent search for survivors after the Oklahoma City bombing followed by the heartbreak of only removing bodies, he said. The same was true of other rescuers who responded to past tragedies.

South Africa steps up vaccination campaign, too late for this wave

JOHANNESBURG (AP) – Some in wheelchairs, others on canes, hundreds of South Africans recently waited on the ramps of an outdoor parking lot in Johannesburg to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Despite the masks, social distancing and the blustery southern hemisphere winter weather, a party atmosphere has set in. “What a relief!” said Vincent Damon, a 63-year-old electrical technician, after receiving his second dose. “In the past four days, I have lost four friends. All are under 60 years old. This pandemic has worsened. It’s scary. “New infections in South Africa have reached record levels in recent days, part of a rapid increase across the continent, and experts say the outbreak here has yet to reach its peak. apogee.

Myanmar caught off guard as cases rise and oxygen declines

BANGKOK (AP) – Soe Win has lined up at a factory to buy oxygen for her grandmother, who is suffering from symptoms of COVID-19. “I wait from 5 am until 12 noon but I’m still in line. Oxygen is rarer than silver, ”said the resident of Myanmar’s largest city, Yangon. Consumed by a bitter and violent political struggle since the military took power in February, Myanmar has been slow to wake up to a devastating increase in the number of cases since mid-May. This has left many sick people like Soe Win’s grandmother to suffer at home if they cannot find a bed in a military hospital, or prefer not to entrust their care to the widely hated government.

North Korean and Chinese leaders pledge to strengthen ties

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) – The North Korean and Chinese leaders on Sunday expressed their desire to further strengthen their ties as they exchanged messages marking the 60th anniversary of their countries’ defense treaty. In a message to Chinese President Xi Jinping, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said it was his government’s “fixed position” to “continually develop friendly and cooperative relations” between countries, said the minister. Korean Central News Agency. Xi said in his message that China and North Korea have “steadfastly supported each other,” according to China’s state-run Xinhua News Agency. “The world has recently experienced an acceleration of unprecedented change over the past century,” Xi said.

Heat wave blankets western United States as fires rage in several states

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – Firefighters struggled to contain a wildfire that exploded in northern California in scorching temperatures as another heat wave blanketed the west, triggering an excessive heat warning for interior and desert areas. Death Valley in the Mojave Desert in southeastern California hit 128 degrees Fahrenheit (53 degrees Celsius) on Saturday, according to the National Weather Service reading in Furnace Creek. The incredibly high temperature was actually cooler than the day before, when the location hit 130 F (54 C). If confirmed to be accurate, the reading of 130 degrees would be the highest recorded since July 1913, when the Furnace Creek Desert hit 1.34 F (57 C), considered the highest measured temperature on Earth.

Historic Warsaw store, in search of rebirth, hit by pandemic

WARSAW, Poland (AP) – The Jablkowski Brothers department store was once a Warsaw landmark that revolutionized shopping and brought merchandise to a modernizing society at the turn of the 20th century. But unlike Harrods in London and other Western counterparts, the company was forced into bankruptcy and seized by the Polish Communist regime which seized power after World War II. When communism fell in 1989, the heirs of the Jablkowski family began a long legal struggle to reclaim their properties. They were preparing to launch when the coronavirus pandemic struck, dealing another blow to a family business that has had a history of hardship reflecting Poland’s adversities.

‘An incredible day’ as Lee statue removed in Charlottesville

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia (AP) – Cheers erupted on Saturday as a Confederate statue that dominated downtown Charlottesville for nearly a century was trucked away from the city of Virginia where it had become a hotbed of protests racist and murderous violence. It was a day of palpable joy and immense relief for dozens of residents and visitors who lined the nearby streets to watch the larger-than-life figure of General Robert E. Lee as she was hoisted from his pedestal and taken – at least for now – to storage. The removal of the statue came more than five years after racial justice activists renewed their efforts to demolish the monument, a move that caught the attention of white supremacists and other racist groups, culminating in the violent rally. “Unite the Right” in 2017.

Back in Cannes, Sean Penn directs again, with his daughter Dylan

CANNES, France (AP) – Sean Penn has been to the Cannes Film Festival a dozen times – since he rubbed shoulders with Robert De Niro in 1984 until he was president of the jury. But his last visit was difficult. Penn’s 2016 film “The Last Face” failed with critics in a way that would make some filmmakers shy about returning. Penn, however, did not hesitate. On Saturday evening, he presented in Cannes his latest film, “Flag Day”, in which he is also a co-star. Hours before walking the red carpet, Penn sat comfortably in a hotel bar, happy to be back. The festival is the biggest in the world, he said.

Conor McGregor injures leg, Poirier wins UFC 264

LAS VEGAS (AP) – Conor McGregor was sitting and bubbling his back against the cage, a temporary cast around his shin and left foot. The biggest star in mixed martial arts believed he had just had revenge stolen from Dustin Poirier by a broken leg. “I took off his bleeding head, I threw his bleeding leg off,” McGregor shouted. ” It is not finished ! If we have to take it out for it, we’ll take it out. McGregor’s animosity towards Poirier hasn’t cooled, but this three-fight rivalry ended – for now at least – with another victory for his gentler-mannered foe.