Backes of New Caledonia joins the French government

The president of the southern province of New Caledonia, Sonia Backes, has been appointed to the revamped and enlarged 42-member French government.

Sonia Backes, President of the South Province, and Yves Dupas, Public Prosecutor
Photo: provided FB

Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne appointed her secretary for citizenship within the interior ministry, which joined the overseas ministry.

The reshuffle means that the post of overseas minister is abolished and replaced by a post of deputy minister, a post entrusted to Jean-François Carenco.

Former minister Yael Braun-Pivet resigned last month after only a month in office to successfully run for president of France‘s National Assembly.

Ms Backes said that by joining the French interior ministry, she would retain her post as president of the Southern Province.

She is the first female politician from New Caledonia to be part of the French government.

This year, she led a merger of four anti-independence parties in New Caledonia to support the election campaign of President Emmanuel Macron’s Renaissance party in last month’s election for a new French National Assembly.

New Caledonia’s two seats in Paris were won by candidates from its coalition.