Baghdad pays Kuwait an additional $ 490 million in war reparations

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Kuwait received nearly $ 500 million in additional reparations for the invasion of Iraq in 1990, the Iraqi embassy in Kuwait said.

“On October 26, Iraq paid Kuwait $ 490 million, and it will endeavor to reimburse what remains of the reparations due for the year 2022, or approximately $ 629 million,” the embassy said in a statement released on Monday.

Baghdad has paid around $ 50 billion in reparations over the past three decades.

Iraqi forces led by then-dictator Saddam Hussein invaded oil-rich Kuwait on August 2, 1990, triggering international condemnation. They occupied the Gulf state for seven months before being driven out by an international coalition led by the United States in the First Gulf War in early 1991.

In 2018, Baghdad paid the first war reparations to Kuwait since 2014, when there was a pause in payments due to a security crisis in Iraq where the jihadist group ISIS took control of large areas. from the country.

But he had asked for an extension for the final $ 3.8 billion due to his worst budget crisis in years during the coronavirus pandemic that led to a collapse in oil prices.

While Kuwait and Iraq now maintain civil relations, issues remain regarding borders and repatriation of bodies.