Brad Pitt claims Angelina Jolie ‘sought to hurt him’

He added that Shefler “has gained notoriety through cutthroat business tactics and questionable professional associations” and that the association with him “jeopardizes the reputation of the Pitt brand so carefully built.”

“All of this is a direct result of Jolie’s illegal and tortious conduct,” the documents allege.

“In violation of the parties’ agreement, Jolie sought to force Pitt to associate with an outsider, and even worse, an outsider with toxic associations and intentions.”

The Miraval estate, near the town of Correns in south-east France, was bought for around 25 million euros (£20,875,500) by the couple.

According to legal documents obtained by the PA news agency, Brad contributed 60% of the purchase price, with Angelina contributing the remaining 40%.

The estate’s wine business is also thriving, the lawyers say, and “while she has benefited from the success of Miraval, Angelina has not been involved in those efforts.”

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In January 2021, five years after filing for divorce, Angelina reportedly told Brad of her intention to sell to Shefler, saying she made a “difficult decision with a heavy heart.”

Brad’s attorneys have requested a jury trial.