Britons with homes in the EU said they couldn’t cross France to get there | Coronavirus


Eurotunnel is warning British citizens living in the EU that they cannot cross France by car from the UK due to new coronavirus restrictions imposed by the French government.

Getlink, the operator of the Channel rail link, posted an urgent warning on its website and Twitter page on Wednesday evening, which appeared to confirm that the French government had changed its travel rules.

The press release reads: “Following a decision by the French government on 12/28/2021, unless they hold French residence, British citizens are now considered third country citizens and can no longer transit through France by road to reach their country of residence in the EU. “

The French government tightened restrictions on travel from the UK on December 18 following a spate of Omicron cases in Britain. France now only allows travel from the UK for “compelling reasons”.

According to the French travel guide, “European Union nationals or assimilated”, as well as their spouses and children, “who have their main residence in France or who join, in transit through France, their main residence in a country of the European Union ”are considered to have a compelling reason to travel from the United Kingdom through France.

According to the French authorities, British citizens who have a residence in another EU country, such as Belgium, Germany, Spain or Italy, will need to present proof of their residence, such as a permit residence permit, tax forms or utility bills.

The French government has yet to make an official announcement on the latest rule change. But the Eurotunnel statement said the ban did not apply to Britons living in France, nor to people from the UK who also hold an EU passport thanks to dual citizenship.