Carnavalet Museum: Parisian citizens!

Commitments for the emancipation of women (1789-2000)

The exhibition “Parisian citizens! takes us on an ambitious historical journey, from the French Revolution to the law on parity, in the footsteps of the struggles that women led in Paris for their emancipation.

The Carnavalet Museum presents an unprecedented synthesis on the history and memory of the struggles for the emancipation of women, centered on the history of feminisms in Paris. Alongside certain outstanding figures, from Olympe de Gouges to Gisèle Halimi, a large place is given to lesser known or anonymous Parisian women: revolutionary citizens of 1789, 1830, 1848, communards, suffragettes, pacifists, resistance fighters, political women or trade unionists, feminist activists, committed artists and intellectuals, strikers, groups of immigrant women…

The route of the exhibition follows a chronological thread that begins with the claim of women’s “citizenship” during the Revolution, and ends with the law on parity, in 2000. Between these two dates a dynamic of emancipation of women explored in all its dimensions: it involves the right to education, the right to work, civil and civic rights, so difficult to obtain, but also the freedom to dispose of one’s body and access to artistic and cultural creation.

Parisian citizens!
Commitments for the emancipation of women (1789-2000)
September 28, 2022 – January 29, 2023
Carnavalet Museum – History of Paris
23 Rue de Sévigné
75003 Paris, France