French Commune

Bruno Braquehais, the father of French journalism who documented the socialist revolution in Paris

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the Paris Commune, known primarily as the first successful Communist revolution. For two months in 1871, residents surrounded the city, and photographs by Bruno Braquehais, currently in the collection of the Getty Research Institute, depict the drama – and destruction – of the time. Braquehais is considered the father of French photojournalism for ...

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A novel explores power, sex, consent and identity in a French commune

ARCADIABy Emmanuelle Bayamack-TamTranslated by Ruth Diver The difference between a sect and the society in which its members seek refuge can be seen as a matter of scale. Successful cults make exclusive and very particular a recognizable pattern involving rules, systems, norms and, perhaps most importantly, a very confident leader. Although they herald ultimate freedom, cults above all offer gentle ...

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France celebrates 150th anniversary of anti-religious Paris Commune

Rue Haxo in Paris, a white brick church commemorates dozens of Catholic clergy who fell victim to one of the bloodiest uprisings in modern Europe. Its 150th anniversary will be marked during the last week of May with a series of commemorative events. “The Paris Commune was an attempt at revolution, and it was essentially anti-religious – seeking not only ...

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