China wins gold medal for virus handling: Xi Jinping

Shanghai faces a food crisis as lockdown orders persist. Now even billionaires are struggling to get what they need.

At the same time, violence erupts in the city. We contacted the local police for more details and got unexpected answers.

A Kansas professor has been found guilty of concealing ties to China while conducting research funded by the US government. And a Chinese national is being sentenced to prison for stealing trade secrets from a US agricultural company.

Shanghai CDC expert admits the city’s official health app reflects fake virus test results. A recording of his phone call with a relative of a patient sheds light on what is happening behind the scenes.

Topics in this episode:
Shanghai residents struggle to feed themselves
Video: Man beaten in Shanghai during lockdown
Docs: Ccp uses propaganda to address food shortages
Chinese national convicted of stealing secrets
Kansas professor found guilty of concealing ties to China
NATO: must include China in the defense strategy
Shanghai Cdc Expert Reveals Hidden Test Results
Starving Shanghai man calls police for food and help
Airplanes loaded with soldiers arrive in Shanghai
Video: Women speak out online, shouted at by police
French Embassy in China: Citizens of Shanghai Cannot Vote in the Upcoming Elections in France
Covid-19 robotic dog ‘barks’ lockdown orders
China abandons ‘common prosperity’

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