Citizenship by descent and marriage.

My fiancé and I are trying to move to Paris in the coming years. We’re dissecting the intricacies of achieving this goal, but we’re unclear on some things.

Here is the situation:

  • My fiancé was born in New York
  • Her mother is a French citizen with a valid French passport.
  • We are trying to find out if his birth has already been registered in France, but it is not yet clear.
  • We currently live in NYC as does her mother who can travel to the embassy with her if needed

Some questions:

* From everything we have read, the first step if his birth was not registered is to apply for a CNF?

* Should we move to France before she asks for her CNF (if this is the document we need)? Online resources have mixed information about this.

*Does she have to take the language and culture test, online resources are unclear on this for citizenship by descent

* From what we read online, she must be a French citizen at the time of our marriage? Should we delay the wedding until these documents are completed and she has her passport, or it doesn’t matter since she may technically already be a French citizen (the French government website does not is not very clear on this).