Discover Airelles Chateau De Versailles The most spectacular hotel in Versailles

Versailles, one word and the magic happens. Versailles covers 800 hectares and includes the Castle, the gardens, the Park, the Trianon estate and several buildings in the city. Versailles is the ultimate symbol of excellence of the French heritage of the “Grand Siècle” when the French language was spoken in all European courts. After visiting Versailles, Tsar Peter the Great asks Peterhof to build a palace in his image. Schönbrunn Palace near Vienna was a model for Austrian Versailles. Versailles was a source of curiosity.

A brief history.

Louis XIII loved to hunt in Versailles and ordered the construction of a hunting lodge. Louis XIV, traumatized by La Fronde des Princes, escapes from Paris and decides to set up the royal residence in Versailles. The small castle of his father became a majestic palace and the symbol of his reign. His great-grandson, Louis XV, born and died in Versailles, transformed him. Louis XV is in charge of the complete renovation of his apartments, the construction of the great theater of the Royal Opera where Mozart performs, La Fontaine de Neptune was built by Le Nôtre, slightly modified by Ange-Jacques Gabriel with the glorifying sculpted decoration the god of the sea added in 1740.

Louis XVI inherited a fragile kingdom in which the roots of the French Revolution lie. His wife, the Austrian princess Marie-Antoinette, remains one of the most emblematic figures in the rich history of Versailles. Rejected by some, admired by others, Marie-Antoinette is so intimately associated with two brief decades at Versailles – until the French Revolution. In Versailles, his influence is omnipresent from 18th century fashion to the arts and music with the Petit Trianon. Since the 19th century, Versailles has been a museum. In the 1920s, the American John Davison Rockefeller helped finance the rehabilitation of the Castle and its gardens.

So, what to expect from a stay at the Grand Contrôle?

A grandiose life in a French Chateau. The Great Control is a unique place where you are immersed in the rich French history. Part of the prestigious Lingonberries portfolio, Le Grand Contrôle – which opened its doors last June – was built in 1681 by Jules Hardouin-Mansart, the architect of Louis XIV. The site is spectacular because the hotel is located inside the park of the Château de Versailles with direct and exclusive access to the Château, the Domaine de Trianon and the Orangerie gardens.

The very welcoming general manager Julien Revah knows how to make you live like a king or a queen. Sharing, family ties and conservation are his favorite values ​​and Julien brilliantly orchestrates your stay to make it unforgettable. Le Grand Contrôle offers 14 rooms and suites bearing the name of a landmark character in history: Madame de Staël, Necker, Turgot or the Marquis de Fouquet. Nothing is ostentatious, everything is elegant.

If you want to experience being a queen, go for the Madame de Fouquet suite. It is the most historic suite in the palace as it is built in a 400 year old building. The decor is inspired by the life of Madame de Fouquet, wife of the Marquis de Fouquet. Very feminine, romantic, the suite is reminiscent of a royal bedroom.

Beautiful high ceilings, two bathrooms – one on each side of the bedroom, restored 18th century parquet and bas-relief, wall hangings by Pierre Frey inspired by the Château’s archives. You will sleep in a sumptuous four-poster bed overlooking the gardens and the private terrace. In the morning, at a time that suits you, your personal butler will wake you up in the most discreet way by opening the curtains, bringing you a drink of your choice and running you a bath. Then, you will enjoy your majestic sunrise – which means breakfast at the Grand Contrôle – overlooking the gardens of the Orangery or in your royal bed!

Walking around inside the hotel is definitely a history lesson while listening to baroque and classical playlists: Bach, Vivaldi, Lully, Rameau and more. The architecture and decor of the palace are inspired by the splendor of the 18th century. The architect and interior designer Christophe Tollemer carried out the entire project with a team of brilliant French craftsmen. It took four years to be fully completed, from the carefully selected furnishings to the uniforms worn by the team, every element has been restored in the spirit and respect of the original building. The palace is a compendium of French excellence.

“The cream of the Chefs”, Alain Ducasse imagined an aristocratic culinary experience from yesterday to today. A gastronomic delight. The breakfast, the royal lunch, a Marie-Antoinette afternoon tea and the fabulous Grand Couvert in the evening are above all expectations. Dinner at the Grand Contrôle is royal. Inspired by the feasts of that time, countless succulent dishes are brought to the table in waves orchestrated by the team in costume. Gorgeous.

The Valmont spa is another magnificent treasure. The decor is influenced by the courtyard of the Palace of Versailles: marble, stone, busts, hand-painted fresco on the ceiling. Inside the atmosphere is very calm. Try the “Miroir Majesteux” created exclusively for the hotel by Valmont. A face and neck treatment in the image of Marie-Antoinette’s beauty rituals.

The word “experience” takes on its full meaning at Grand Contrôle. At the end of the day, the doors of the Palace of Versailles close for tourists but they open for guests. Climb the 100 steps and a guide takes you through the Grand Apartments, the Royal Opera, the Royal Chapel and the Hall of Mirrors. The most famous hall of the palace and its 357 mirrors is yours for a moment. Splendor and sumptuousness, Versailles is a legend. Open your eyes, feel your senses and marvel at the inexpressible beauty of every corner without any tourists.

Every morning, guests have the chance to visit Le Trianon, Marie-Antoinette’s estate, Louis XIV’s Le Grand Trianon and its English-style garden in complete privacy. Customers have unlimited access to the Orangery gardens at any time of the day. Take the golf cart, walk and discover the exceptional work of André Le Nôtre. The east-west perspective, the royal road, the Grand Canal, the groves – the small park in the woods – adorned with fountains, vases and statues where kings often walked, fountains and their waterfalls, flower beds and alleys are enchanting and wonderful moments of the stay at the Grand Control.

A stay at the Grand Contrôle is definitely an experience not to be missed.

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