European Union Delegation appoints five Goodwill Water Ambassadors

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The European Union Delegation has appointed, for the first time, five EU Goodwill Ambassadors for Water to raise awareness of the urgency of water conservation and advocate for sustainable consumption water resources, in accordance with government policy. EU Water Goodwill Ambassadors will play a central role in EU efforts to ensure that people can achieve the highest levels of health and well-being. The meeting took place during a special event at the EU residence in Cairo.

The five EU Goodwill Ambassadors for Water are distinguished members of the Egyptian cultural and media scene: actress Ms Arwa Gouda, actor Mr Ahmed Magdy, researcher and writer Dr Amr El-Shobaki , international correspondent and veteran journalist Ms. Lamia Radi and Sky News Samir Omar, Arabia Bureau Chief in Cairo. They are committed to volunteering their time, talent and passion to help bring attention to water issues and advocate for climate action to address water scarcity. The eminent personalities will also highlight the EU’s efforts to improve the lives of millions of Egyptians by creating jobs in the water sector and preserving the precious resource.

“For the first time, the EU in Egypt is appointing five Goodwill Water Ambassadors who will have an important mission: they will highlight the urgent need to conserve water throughout Egypt and create a common understanding of how water should be used and managed. The EU and Egypt have a long history of extensive cooperation in the water sector with several infrastructure and water conservation projects. Now we want to give a human face to our efforts and raise awareness about sustainable water use and help communities use water more efficiently,” said EU Ambassador Christian Berger.

EU Goodwill Ambassadors for Water received tokens of appreciation from Ambassador Berger and committed to the cause of safe and clean drinking water for all citizens by dedicating their time and efforts to this vital issue which Lamia Radi described as both “timely” and “urgent”. .”

“Globally, we are all feeling the impact of water scarcity due to climate change, among other factors,” Radi said. She added “It is important to educate children from an early age about the need to preserve this precious resource.” As a former war correspondent, Radi witnessed first-hand the “humanitarian and environmental disasters resulting from water scarcity”.

“I am proud and honored to have been appointed EU Goodwill Ambassador for Water to help give visibility to EU efforts and investments in the water sector,” said said actor Ahmed Magdy. I hope my new role will allow me to contribute to efforts to improve the lives of people in Egypt and the region.

Samir Omar is committed to doing everything possible to raise awareness of water scarcity and the impact of climate change through his work as a press correspondent and through field trips and contests. the water. “Water is the basis of life,” he said. “So if we can make water available to citizens, we are actually giving them life.”

El-Shobaki sounded the alarm over the “serious water challenges” facing not only Egypt but also the Arab world and Africa. Urgent attention and prompt action are needed not only from governments but from the population as a whole to counter these serious challenges and protect the precious resource for future generations,” he noted.

Context of EU-Egypt cooperation in the water sector:

  • EU-Egypt cooperation in the water sector has been ongoing since 2007
  • Total direct grants allocated to Egypt reached nearly €550 million through 20 programs in 16 governorates that mobilized €3 billion and benefited more than 20 million Egyptians.

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