France’s first sound radar installed to catch noisy bikers

The world’s first sound-level fixed radar camera was put into service on the roads of a rural town in Yvelines (Ile de France) in order to encourage drivers to reduce the noise of their vehicle to avoid a fine.

The radar was inaugurated yesterday (January 4) on the departmental road (RD) 46 in Saint-Lambert-des-Bois by the Minister of Ecological Transition Barbara Pompili, in the hope of reducing noise pollution in the region.

The road in question, which is located in the Vallée de Chevreuse, is particularly popular with bikers and scooters because of its hairpin bends and the pleasant surrounding countryside.

In the future, however, any driver using it will have to limit their noise to 90 decibels or less in order to avoid a fine of up to € 135, Nice Matin reports.

Any vehicle producing noise above this threshold will have its registration number registered for the fine to be imposed, although the noise limit of 90 dB is relaxed slightly for more powerful vehicles.

Fines to be issued from the second half of 2022

The first fines for vehicles exceeding the maximum allowable noise limit will be imposed in the second half of 2022, once authorities are satisfied that the machine is reliable and capable of detecting individual vehicle sounds on a busy road.

The noise level radar will allow authorities to punish motorcyclists who disturb others by making noise, while freeing police officers from patrolling the streets.

“Until now, there were sound level meters to sanction this behavior, but few police services had them and too few officers knew how to use them,” he added. noted Laurianne Rossi, the Republic on the march! Member of Parliament who piloted the project in her capacity as president of the government advisory commission of the National Noise Council.

“This equipment is a world first.

Sound radars will also be installed in seven other French municipalities in the coming days, targeting areas where the speed limit is limited to 50 km / h.

The municipalities concerned are: Paris, Nice, Toulouse, Bron (Rhône), Rueil-Malmaison (Hauts-de-Seine), Villeneuve-le-Roi (Val-de-Marne) and Saint-Forget (Yvelines), where a type of the sound monitoring system had already been tested since 2019.

Sound radars will be tested for two years in these areas, in the hope of finding an effective solution to noise pollution that can be deployed throughout France.

The cost of noise is estimated to cost France [indirectly] 147 billion euros per year

Some 87% of Ile-de-France residents who responded to a recent survey conducted by the road noise observation center Bruitparif said they would support the introduction of penalties for noisy motorcycles and scooters.

“The cost of noise – especially in terms of health impacts linked to lack of sleep and the depreciation of affected homes – for French society is estimated at 147 billion euros per year”, indicated the Ministry of Ecological Transition in a press release. declaration.

“In the heart of the densely populated Paris region, Bruitparif believes that the noise [pollution] shortens people’s healthy life expectancy by almost 11 months.

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