French colonial houses will be demolished this week

Thirteen dilapidated 90-year-old apartments located in Phsar Chhnang Village, Phsar Chhnang Township, Kampong Chhnang Town, will be demolished this week after all the owners have decided to move at the request of the provincial authorities.

Kampong Chhnang City Governor Hing Phorb Minea said on Wednesday that fences had been built around the buildings to avoid the risk of collapse that could occur and to prepare them for demolition this week, as reported. asked the owners.

He said they were waiting for an official letter from the provincial administration to announce the exact date of the demolition.

“It is the owners themselves who have chosen the company that will carry out the demolition work, because the work is the responsibility of the owners. However, we also had a technical meeting with the company that will be responsible for the work, ”said Minea.

After a successful meeting, we recognize that all the materials that will be used for the demolition process meet the technical requirements, and we know that the process will take around 15-20 days, he added.

Seang Hour, a French apartment owner, said on Wednesday that after Monday’s demolition meeting she saw authorities start building fences around all apartments, however, she had not received any details on the date on which the demolition would begin.

She said that after authorities asked the occupants to move out, fearing a collapse, all families decided to do so and rented or bought other homes.

“There was a family who couldn’t find another place to stay, so the authorities facilitated a place for them,” Hour said.

“All the families are responsible for the demolition. We decided to choose the company ourselves and the work will cost over $ 20,000, ”she said.

She added that her family had lived there for many generations, ever since her grandmother, now 101, moved there as a young girl.

Hour said they would seek permission to rebuild new homes on the land once the demolition work is complete. She added that the authorities were ready to offer support with the documentation.

Kampong Chhnang Provincial Vice Governor San You said all families were ordered to file a joint petition with the provincial authority to demolish the apartments. Once the demolition is complete, the owners must file another application for permission to rebuild.

He said provincial authorities have pledged to coordinate with the owners and all relevant departments to help speed up the process.

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