French media publish an article about the attacks of Armenian radicals on the Azerbaijani embassy

By trend

The French online newspaper La Gazette published an article on the regular attacks carried out by radical groups against diplomatic representatives of Azerbaijan abroad, in particular in Great Britain, the United States and France, and on the lack of reaction to these attacks from the police of these countries, reports Trend. .

The article notes that after the recent tension on the Azerbaijani-Armenian border, Armenian organizations abroad carry out regular attacks against diplomatic representatives of Azerbaijan.

“Armenian radical groups attempted to stage a rally outside the Azerbaijani Embassy in Washington on September 15. US police did not respond to attempts by Armenian nationalists although, according to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations , the US authorities are obliged to organize security for the Azerbaijani embassy,” the article said.

The material also informed about the attack of Armenian radicals on the Azerbaijani Embassy in France last week. An employee of a diplomatic mission, at the risk of his life, managed to prevent the infiltration of Armenian radicals into the building, while the French police had to guard the diplomatic missions.

“The security of the diplomatic mission must be provided by the host country in accordance with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961. Where was the French police at that time, who is obliged to protect the embassy?” said the article.

The article expressed the hope that the acts of vandalism committed against the embassies of Azerbaijan will be properly investigated and that these events will be subject to a legal assessment.

“Otherwise, it could happen again and cause a serious blow to bilateral relations and mutual trust between Azerbaijan and the countries where provocations were committed,” the article said.

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