How Science and Personality Motivate Moen Design

In the final part of the Moen Design Trends 2021 report, featuring ideas curated by Danielle DeBoe Harper, Senior Director of Creative Style at Moen, and Jessica birchfield, Senior Industrial Designer, Trend Strategy, we will take a look at the Impact Revolution Trend which relates to the overall trend of the “holistic wellness at home” lifestyle.

Resource awareness

Understanding the impact of the resources we use in our homes today is critical to ensuring that those resources will still be there tomorrow.

“At Moen, we say ‘We design for water,’” comments Birchfield. “This means that we innovate and design products to make the experience of interacting with a resource that we use multiple times a day more enjoyable, and we are aware of the amount of this resource that circulates in our products.”

At this point in 2020, Moen announced their Mission Moen initiative to preserve and protect the beauty of water while helping people enjoy it more. As part of this initiative, Moen is committed to saving 1,000 billion gallons of water by 2030 through innovation and product design. An example is Moen’s latest launch, Moen’s NebiaQuattro showerheads, which offer up to 50% water savings over standard showerheads * with four unique powerful spray modes.

“This ambitious goal of sustainability is the inspiration behind the design of many of our products,” adds Birchfield. “We know that consumers want to feel good about the products they bring home, and it’s our job to make sure they have options to not only meet their design tastes, but also meet their needs. their desire for sustainability. “

Caring for our oceans

It is important to be aware of the water flowing in our homes, but what about the water that exists in nature? More than 5,000 billion plastic particles cover the surface of the oceans, causing serious problems for our Earth **. As a leader in exceptional aquatic experiences, Moen saw this as an opportunity to reuse recycled ocean plastic in its products and packaging.

“In 2021, we expanded our Mission Moen commitment to include the recovery and reuse of 2,000 tonnes of recycled ocean plastic by 2030,” said Birchfield. “We constantly challenge ourselves as designers and as a company to innovate and care for water around the world. By incorporating recycled ocean plastic into our products and then bringing those products home, we are helping people design better spaces that incorporate more sustainable products without any extra effort on their part. ”

One of the ways Moen is leveraging recycled ocean plastic is by incorporating the material into Magnetix’s new Verso ™ line.® magnetic shower heads. These incorporate recycled materials into the dock to fulfill Mission Moen’s commitment to innovate, design and design for the water of tomorrow – while providing an exceptional shower experience.

Soothing and serene spaces

Another way to respect and appreciate nature is to bring the beauty of the natural world into the home. Drawing inspiration from the outside environment is a beautiful new theme related to environmentalism called “biophilia”.

“Biophilia is the human desire to commune with nature,” says DeBoe Harper. “This means adding more architectural elements like larger windows and doors, or adding an outdoor kitchen. This trend is pushing us to mix the boundaries of indoor and outdoor spaces.”

Creating a serene space doesn’t necessarily involve a major renovation, even small additions can help make a space more natural.

“Just adding more plants to your home is an example of how to incorporate biophilia into your designs on a smaller, more affordable scale,” adds DeBoe Harper.

Go green

Nothing says nature like the color green. In fact, the trend to incorporate color into design elements continues to grow.

“We have seen an increase in demand for the color green over the past 18 months,” says DeBoe Harper. “The color has skyrocketed and it’s incorporated into everything from cabinets to wall colors and upholstery. Experimenting with a color that brings us back to nature is a great way to turn any space into a serene retreat.

Another way to bring the outdoors in, without committing to a green paint color or sofa, is to incorporate forage branches as sculptural pieces and decorate with plants and flowers.

“Be creative”, notes DeBoe Harper. “Leaves, branches and flowers are the backdrop for nature. Adding these simple pieces is an easy way to connect and bring nature into the home. “

Heritage Style

The Heritage style, or the tendency to create an English and French country house aesthetic, may seem disconnected from the macro trend of Impact Revolution, but at its core it includes the widespread use of layering of old and new. new in your design – adding an element of environmental concern by reassigning something old into a new space.

“We really like this trend because it allows homeowners to layer new furniture and decorations with antiques and heirlooms,” says DeBoe Harper. “These elements are the ultimate durable decor pieces, and they bring warmth and uniqueness to the space.”

The integration of the new and the old is inherently eclectic. Designing with imported elements from different generations, incorporated with modern elements such as fixing furniture or shaker cabinets and handmade elements such as zellige tiles or old parquet panels, combine to create a unique environment that could never be replicated. Designing with nature and the environment in mind is a very accessible trend to incorporate into the home.

“” DeBoe Harper. “This trend allows for unlimited creativity and ultimately has a positive impact on the owner and the environment.”

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* Compared to standard 2.5 GPM shower heads

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