Iranian and French FMs emphasize need for inclusive government in AfghanistanAhlulBayt News Agency – ABNA

In a telephone conversation on Wednesday, Le Drian congratulated Amirabdollahian on his appointment and called for expanding contacts and discussions on issues of mutual interest.

Amirabdollahian said during the conversation that the United States is responsible for the current situation due to its illegal withdrawal from the UN Security Council and the imposition of severe sanctions against the great Iranian people.

He said the European parts of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) are also to blame for their inaction.

Iran will only participate in talks that will have tangible results to guarantee the rights and interests of the Iranian people, added the foreign minister.

He went on to express his sadness that the current US administration, despite its previous claims, is considering pursuing illegal sanctions as a tool to put pressure on the Iranian government, but it must understand that Iran will not give in to such pressure. .

He advised the European signatories of the JCPOA to take judicious positions and try to play a constructive role.

The two foreign ministers also expressed their support for the objectives of the Baghdad Conference to encourage regional engagement.

They further discussed developments in Afghanistan and stressed the need for cooperation to encourage all parties to form an inclusive government, in order to ensure stability and security there and in the region.

The two sides agreed to continue discussions among themselves on the mentioned issues.

Le Drian underlined the importance and necessity of resuming the Vienna talks and called on members to fully resume their commitments.

He expressed hope that more Tehran-Paris talks lead to the resumption and conclusion of nuclear talks.

The French Minister of Foreign Affairs also wished to promote the stability and security of the region in accordance with the Baghdad conference.

As for the situation in Afghanistan, Loudrian stressed the need to comply with UN Security Council Resolution 2593 adopted on August 30, as well as the importance of the safe departure of foreign nationals and Afghans with ‘intention to leave the country.

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