Launch of Buzzworthy from The Citizenry, Commune’s collaboration with Kufri, and more

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Fresh out of High Point, the gorgeous fall collections keep coming. From handcrafted table linens to outdoor-friendly side tables wrapped in whimsical (and weather-resistant) silicone cord fringes, here are some highlights from the latest set of releases.

From left to right: Catalina Solid in clay, Malmo Check in redwood, Catalina Stripe in clay, Tahoe Ripple in Oxblood and Shiga Brick in coral by Commune à Kufri.Laure Joliet

Hand-woven textile studio Kufri tapped Los Angeles-based design firm, Commune, for an ultracool fabric collaboration called Utopia. Handcrafted by Indian artisans using age-old weaving techniques, the collection references a wide range of heirloom processes including an asymmetrical checkerboard pattern called Shaker Plaid and a wavy print called Tahoe Ripples.

Left: The Tikal Wood vase, the Arch candle holders and serving tray in Granadillo, the Odissi linen napkins in olive and the Hidalgo ceramic mugs at The Citizenry. Courtesy of Citizenship | Law: The brand’s Hidalgo Ceramic mugs Courtesy of Citizenship

The Citizenry presented their new collection of table tops just in time for the holidays. The handcrafted (and ethically) made assortment includes serving pieces, table linens, and seasonal decorations, including hand-woven checkered and unbleached striped napkins and ceramic mugs made by a group of four artisans from Guadalajara, Mexico.

Launch of Buzzworthy from The Citizenry, Commune's collaboration with Kufri, and more

The Ma Vie cushion (front) and Ardoise sheets with personalized embroidery by Maison Anne Carminati.Courtesy of Maison Anne Carminati

Maison Anne Carminati has released a romantic new collection of pillows and linens called La Môme Piaf. Packed with soft hues and sumptuous materials, each piece in the assortment pays homage to legendary French performer Edith Piaf, including a plum and black patterned print named Je Ne Regrette Rien and the graphic Ma Vie cushion.

Left: The Eggo plate, pasta bowl and cereal bowl in Saddle Satin from the Saturn tableware collection at BKLYN Clay Courtesy of BKLYN Clay | Law: The brand’s Crater Cup in Stöfler Courtesy of BKLYN Clay

Brooklyn-based ceramic studio BKLYN Clay has launched a trendy line of handmade tableware and decorative accents. The handcrafted assortment includes the sleek, stackable Saturn stoneware tableware collection, as well as the artfully enameled Crater mug, which is sprayed in contrasting colors to create a contoured shadow effect.

Left: The Minos table lamp and the Teddy headboard by Charles Zana Mobilier Francois Halard | Law: The island wall lamp and the Kos table lamp from the brand Francois Halard

Parisian architect and designer Charles Zana unveiled its very first collection of furniture and lighting, Mobilier, in an ethereal exhibition titled Ithaca. The luxe assortment includes a range of dreamy minimalist designs, including a curved headboard covered in honey-colored velvet named Teddy and a bronze table lamp with a woven wicker shade called Kos.

Launch of Buzzworthy from The Citizenry, Commune's collaboration with Kufri, and more

The polished aluminum Butler side table and the fiberglass Octavia lounge chair by LaunYe Rin Mok

Los Angeles-based design company Laun has launched a collection of futuristic furniture called Dawn. The outdoor-friendly selection includes four trendy pieces inspired by the surreal and biomorphic imagery found in Octavia Butler’s sci-fi novel of the same name, including a reclined egg-style chair and dining table. Weather-resistant extra draped with silicone cord fringes.

Launch of Buzzworthy from The Citizenry, Commune's collaboration with Kufri, and more

Pouf upholstered in Cashmere Velvet Ruby and cushions (left to right) in Silk Velvet Linen Bride in Gold, Assegai in Bronze and Classic Linen in Clay by Le Cuona. Courtesy of de Le Cuona

British textile label Le Cuona has launched the travel-inspired Overland collection. Bursting with earthy hues, subtle patterns and raw textures, the chic fabric series features 10 distinct patterns carefully crafted from linen, wool and cashmere available in over 50 colourways, including a subtly striped linen that pays homage at the Tuli Block in Botswana and the rustic Stampede that mimics the look of animal tracks left in the sand.

Left: Anita and Preeti, artisans based in Aaspura, Rajasthan, with the Manchaha rug they made for Jaipur Living. Courtesy of Jaipur Living | Law: The Manchaha rug in LES-756 at Jaipur Living Courtesy of Jaipur Living

In an effort to reduce waste, Jaipur Living has launched a collection of sustainably manufactured flooring named Manchaha. The global rug company has challenged some of its artisans to create rugs made entirely from leftover material, and the result is a kaleidoscopic assortment of truly one of – a kind of hand-knotted pieces.

Left: Lily of the Valley 8 ” Octagonal Salad Plates, 10 ” Lunch Plates and Reversible Gift Wrap in Green by Carolyne Roehm for The Enchanted Home. Courtesy of The Enchanted House | Law: The brand’s Lily of the Valley 8 “Octagonal Salad Plates, 10” Lunch Plates and Reversible Blue Gift Wrap by Carolyne Roehm. Courtesy of The Enchanted House

The enchanted house has teamed up with a lifestyle enthusiast Carolyne Röhm for a whimsical capsule collection. The whimsical assortment includes tableware, wrapping paper and tissue paper with a lovely Lily of the Valley motif based on one of the artist and designer’s paintings.

Launch of Buzzworthy from The Citizenry, Commune's collaboration with Kufri, and more

The Silicone Vinyl collection at PindlerCourtesy of Pindler

Pindler ditched a colorful collection of eco-friendly leather alternatives called Silicone Vinyl. Constructed from a silicone-coated fabric (an organic polymer), the buttery-soft assortment offers a leather-like stretch and is approved for both indoor and outdoor use.

Welcome photo: The Utopia collection by Commune for Kufri | Laure Joliet

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