Leo DiCaprio bought part of an eco-responsible champagne brand

Leonardo DiCaprio is known for many things, from his excellent acting chops to his dedication to eco-friendly businesses. Example: his decision to buy a “significant” share of Telmont, a 110-year-old ecological French champagne house near Épernay, a town in the north of the European country.

Leo, who recently received acclaim for his role in the Netflix movie Don’t Look Up, announced his investment earlier this week, specifically citing the brand’s commitment to the environment as a major catalyst for his decision.

“From protecting biodiversity on its land to using 100% renewable electricity, @maisontelmont is committed to drastically reducing its environmental footprint,” the Oscar-winning actor wrote on Twitter. “Proud to join Champagne Telmont as an investor.”

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Ludovic du Plessis, president of the champagne brand, also released an official statement on the development. “We share the same beliefs and the same commitment to environmental protection,” he said. “[We have] one foot in tradition and the other in modernity, but both firmly rooted in the land! Our goal is to act on behalf of Mother Nature in everything we do.”

Although the exact monetary value of Leo’s investment has not been disclosed, sources reveal that he was mainly persuaded to invest in the brand given the company’s plans to release a 100% organic champagne from by 2025 and to help winegrowers achieve ecological status by 2031.

Leonardo DiCaprio

(Image credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Staff)

The Don’t Look Up star is one of many celebrities who have chosen to buy stakes in French brands. In 2014 Jay-Z bought Armand de Brignac and then sold half the business to LVMH last year. The artist still owns half of the business and, according to reports, profited $300 million from the recent sale.

Other examples include rapper 50 Cent, who launched his own brand of champagne in 2018, featuring a 140-karat gold-plated cross on every bottle (some costing up to $1,000). The star got hold of the spirit of Champagne Castelnau, a brand based in Reims.

We would be remiss not to also mention the efforts of actors Brad Pitt and Idrib Elba. The former bought Château Miraval with his then-wife Angelina Jolie in 2008 for an estimated $28.3 million (Angelina has since sold her stake in the business). Idris, meanwhile, has partnered with two French estates on his own label, Porte Noire, in 2020.

There is clearly something very attractive about owning a French wine and spirits brand.