Liberia: Peace impossible as conflict ravages nations

-Said the resident representative of ECOWAS

The Resident Representative of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Commission in Liberia, Ambassador Josephine Nkrumah said that the West African region and the global community cannot achieve lasting peace while conflict still ravages some nations.

“Regional peace and by extension global peace is not available when conflict is ravaging certain nations,” said Amb. Nkrumah this weekend.

Speaking at the official launch of a series of dialogues on the theme: Consolidating Peace, Security and Development at the Centenary Pavilion in central Monrovia, the ECOWAS envoy said the region and the community will not really benefit from sustainable development when some nations continue to wallow in underdevelopment.

She noted that the series of dialogues will last eleven months and continue until the election period.

Amb. Nkrumah added that she will help deepen various conversations that will engage in the process of thinking about the roles that each stakeholder will play in their collective effort to promote peace, security and development.

“I have taken some time to read the Constitution of Liberia and although many of the clauses are vehement about the rights of citizens, little or nothing is said about who espouses the duties of citizens as [a] consideration of [the] government in realizing the dreams and aspirations of Liberians,” she noted.

According to Amb. Nkrumah strongly believes that ownership of the peace, security and development process is as much the role of citizens as it is of government.

The ECOWAS envoy indicated that perhaps it is time to immerse the mindset with duties as citizens contributing significantly to change which is a clamor for which must start with them in words and in action.

Ambassador Nkrumah told the audience that ECOWAS continues to play an important role in conflict prevention, peacebuilding and security through the various strands of stakeholder engagement, implementation the protocol on good governance and security reforms and the social protection framework, among others.

She further stated that the overriding objective is to foster political stability, socio-economic development and the realization of democratic governance dividends for the ECOWAS community.

Ambassador Nkrumah thanked the government for the immense goodwill that ECOWAS continues to enjoy in Liberia, a true testament to the strong bond built during a difficult phase of Liberia’s journey towards peace, security and development. .

During the official launch ceremony, Liberian Foreign Minister Dee Maxwell Kemayah reaffirmed the Liberian government’s commitment and readiness to ensure the holding of free, fair and transparent elections in 2023, in accordance with the highest standards and international practices.

He said the democratic culture, for which Liberians have so dearly fought, nurtured and planted, must under no circumstances be disrupted as the country’s democratic course is irreversible.

The dialogue brought together government officials from line ministries and agencies including the Legislative Branch, the Judiciary, the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Traditional Council of Chiefs and Elders.

Members of diplomatic missions in Liberia, including the United States Embassy, ​​the French Embassy and the Cameroonian Ambassador, were represented.