#Live Session Ana Carla Maza, Guillaume de Chassy and Elise Caron

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1guest of the #Session Live, #1 Ana Carla Maza to present the album Bahia (Editor 2022).

Bahia is the second studio album by Ana Carla Maza. It opens on Havana, a tribute to the Cuban capital, where she was born 26 years ago, to a Chilean father, lush musician, Carlos Maza, and to a Cuban mother, guitarist, Mirza Sierra. “Cuba is a volcano”, said the father. “Havana is madness”, replies the girl. Of course, Havana is the Malecon, this boulevard on the Atlantic coast, which receives the spray from the Everglades. However, the city wraps around a bay, very closed, protected, safe: Bahia, rear part of a human, port, cosmopolitan Habana Vieja, crossed by mixtures that have spread from Africa to Brazil. .

Watch the clip A Tomar coffee.

Ana Carla Maza at RFI. © Laurence Aloir/RFI

Then #Live session #2 with Guillaume de Chassy and Élise Caron presenting the album The soul of poets (Nomadmusic 2022).

Note of intent around the soul of poets, see the clip.

Long, long, long

After the departure of the poets

Their songs still run through the streets

Charles Trenet

The art of creating beautiful melodies is a gift unevenly distributed among musicians. Trenet, Schubert, Evans, Misraki, Prokofiev and Friselle are among those who, without a doubt, have received this poetic grace. Beyond styles, times and places, their melodies have the mysterious power to touch our souls and our hearts. Whether written for the voice or, without words, for any other instrument, these universal songs are my viaticum to go through existence. I wanted to celebrate them in my own way on the same disc. To undertake this journey, Thomas Savy (clarinet) and Chef Arnault (double bass) are irreplaceable companions. Like me, they straddle the boundaries between classical music, jazz and chanson. Like me, they worship the Melody – with a capital M. When we play together, the notion of soloist is abolished in favor of a conversation with equal voices where listening, confidence and freedom take precedence. Over the years, our trio has encountered remarkable voices: those of Natalie Dessay, Laurent Naouri Or David Linx.

Recently, Elise Caron takes us into his universe where strangeness, fantasy and melancholy rub shoulders. For us, she summoned delicious memories of Danielle Darrieux, Lucienne Delyle, Suzy Delair and Yves Amount. We rehearsed little or not at all, abandoning ourselves to the microphones at the risk of the present moment. We wished for this fragility, walking hand in hand above the void. Too much premeditation might have frightened away the dreamy ghosts circulating among us. The soul of poets is sometimes difficult to tame…

Guillaume de Chassy

#Live Session Ana Carla Maza, Guillaume de Chassy and Elise Caron

Thomas Savy, Elise Caron, Arnault Cuisinier and Guillaume de Chassy. © Jerome Prebois

Biography of Guillaume de Chassy

At the crossroads of jazz and classical music, the pianist and composer Guillaume de Chassy has created a poetic and singular universe. He is considered a major artist of the French music scene. Melodist and colorist, his style favors sobriety in a refined sound aesthetic. Guillaume de Chassy has collaborated with American and European jazz personalities, such as Paul Motian, Andy Sheppard, Mark Murphy, Paolo Fresu, André Minvielle, Élise Caron, David Linx, Daniel Yvinec

Guillaume de Chassy performs all over the world through his many projects, from solo piano to symphonic form. Regularly acclaimed by the press, his discography reflects an unclassifiable personality and a constantly awakening creativity. Curious about all artistic forms, he is also involved in creations combining text, images and music, especially with actresses. Kristin ScottThomas (with whom he recorded the album Shakespeare songs), Vanessa Redgrave and Katja Rieman.

#Live Session Ana Carla Maza, Guillaume de Chassy and Elise Caron

Guillaume de Chassy and Élise Caron at RFI. © Laurence Aloir/RFI

Biography of Elise Caron

Élise studied drama, singing and the flute at the Regional Conservatory of Rouen, then singing at the National Conservatory of Music in Paris. Soloist and improviser with the Orchester National de Jazz, she also collaborates on numerous creations by big names in contemporary music, jazz and song.

In the theatre, she interprets Shakespeare, Sophocles, Ramuz, Brecht… Under the direction Jerome Savary (for Offenbach’s La Périchole), Jean Louis Martinelli (for The Fivepenny Opera and Le Brave Soldat Švejk). More recently, it was directed by David Lescot for La Chose commune – concert-show on the Paris Commune. In the cinema, she interprets the first role of Cocktail Molotov under the direction of Diane Kurys and fired with Jean-Paul Civeyrac, Franck Guérin, Stan Neumann, Xavier Giannoli and Leos Carax.

She also participated in No Land’s Song – documentary by Ayat and Sarah Najafi on the fight against the ban on women singing in front of mixed audiences in Iran. Author-composer, Élise Caron has been singing her songs for over twenty years and recording under her name.