Maga’haga reign of terror | Letters to the Editor

Guam’s most recent executive decree on Mandatory Maga’haga Vaccination is expected to send shivers down the spine of everyone, whether or not they are vaccinated. Mandatory punishments for those who wish to exercise autonomy over their own bodies are nothing but a precedent for new restrictions waiting to be imposed on anyone who opposes anything that goes against the agenda dominant. It is not necessary to go too far back in history to see the stages and the consequent results of these drastic measures.

We have all heard the expression “history repeats itself”. We can see more clearly where we are in the news by remembering what laid the bricks that ignited the French Revolution. “The Reformation (of the 16th century) presented to the world an open Bible, revealing the precepts of the law of God and pushing its claims on the conscience of the people. Infinite Love had revealed to men the statutes and principles of heaven (freedom of conscience) … When France rejected the gift of heaven … (The Great Controversy, 1888) The fact that people were prevented to practice their freedom of conscience triggered a snowball effect that directly led to the persecution of all classes, races and religions. “The minds of the people awakened… they began to let go of the chains that had held them in bondage… and began to think and act like men. The monarchs saw it and trembled… It was to support the throne, preserve the nobles and maintain the laws that the sword of persecution was first drawn in France. (CG)

This is the current state of terror that the people of Guam are chained to today. The maga’haga tells us that anyone who opposes the current program is an enemy of the territory and must be submitted. It is intelligently referred to as “restriction of movement” or “vaccination in order to participate fully in society”. The reality is that human beings have a God-given right to live according to the dictates of their own conscience and these rights are unequivocally protected by the laws of the land.

The mainstream government continues to push the narrative that this is an “unvaccinated pandemic”. Reality couldn’t be further from the truth. The remarkable and honest Mayo Clinic this week released a vaccine efficacy study whose results show that while COVID-19 vaccines reduce the severity of the disease, they do not prevent you from being infected by first place or transmit the virus. Even more, the Pfizer vaccine was shown to be only 42% effective compared to Moderna’s 76% effectiveness. Both manufacturers announced this week that boosters would be needed and released shortly to help stem the significant increase in cases of people vaccinated. Does it sound like a vaccine that works? It may help reduce the severity of symptoms and therefore hospitalizations, but we are also seeing this change quickly. Both vaccinated and unvaccinated are responsible for the spread of this virus. Let’s stop demonizing the unvaccinated and start recognizing that there is no perfect solution. At this point, all of the restrictions and warrants have simply served to make the government look like a dog with its tail between its legs. A truly effective vaccine does not require multiple boosters indefinitely. And we are mandated by an “executive decree” to comply with a weak vaccination or to suffer penalties? We sit back and allow the government to take the freedom of conscience away from our freedoms? Take note.

Let’s not forget last year, when the first lockdown was ordered, how quickly our government declared it was punishable to buy / sell what it considered “essential items”. We couldn’t walk into Kmart without seeing shelves of wired items labeled “non-essential”. Inessential according to whom? And don’t forget that if you wanted to buy religious reading materials or Bibles, they were also considered “non-essential” items. Seems like government crosses church and state lines when it comes to dictating conscience. Is this the kind of society we want to live in? I shudder to think about it. As in the previous example from the history of France, we see that the end result of the restriction of consciousness was the revolution with all its horrors. “Finally the ruin of the State was complete; there was no longer any conscience to proscribe; … France has noticed that to effectively enslave men, chains must be tied on their souls; the surest way to prevent them from escaping their slavery was to render them incapable of freedom. (CG)

It’s more like a pandemic of the proud and a slippery slope towards government control over conscience. I encourage our island to rise up against the tyranny that is spreading almost unhindered. I call on our temporary leaders to lift the blatant disregard for freedom of conscience. Romans 14 says, “For his own master he stands or falls. Indeed, he will be made to stand, for God is able to make him stand. … Let each one be fully convinced in his mind, … so each of us will give an account of himself to God. The Bible is our own immutable standard for measuring our freedoms. And we’ve each been placed in positions of influence for a time like this.