Marvel’s Fan-Made Spider-Verse Hero Returns in His Own New Story

The winner of Marvel’s fan-made Spidersona contest, the Amazing Sun-Spider, will return in an all-new Spider-Verse adventure.

Warning! Spoilers for Edge of Spider-Verse #4 (of 5) by Marvel Comics

A fan made spider worms hero returns as amazing solar spider will reappear in his own story in an all-new Marvel Comics adventure. In Marvel’s September solicitations, more details were provided on the upcoming Edge of Spider-Verse miniseries. Sun-Spider, the winner of the 2020 Spidersona contest, will be featured in his own story in the miniseries’ fourth issue.

In the 2020s spider worms #1, Marvel Comics got fans designing new spider-heroes, choosing a handful of winners to appear in cameos throughout the multi-dimensional miniseries. Among the winners were Spider-Requiem, a puppeteer who uses her skills in battle, the Spinster, a French Revolution-inspired version of Madame Web, and V, a cuber-punk robot Spidersona from the year 2077. However, the one of the Best Spidersonas was created by Dayna Broder, who created Sun-Spider, a disabled hero who uses crutches when in costume and an ambulatory wheelchair when not adapted. Now Sun-Spider will star in its own story.

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In new solicitations for Spider Verse #4 by Dan Slott, David Hein, Irene Sankoff, Tee Franklin, Nathan Stockman, Will Robson and other soon-to-be-announced Marvel Comics creators, Sun-Spider’s surprise return has been revealed. The solicitation shares that the winner of the 2020 Spidersona competition will have her own story in the spider worms comic, which will also feature Spider-Ham and the Spider-Mobile. Seeing a fan-made character have their own backstory is great, because Sun-Spider made a great first impression with their design and backstory.

Sun-Spider won’t be the only new face to appear in the upcoming spider worms Marvel Comics #4, as a new character named Spinstress, described as an “all-new Spider-Princess who sings, talks to a spider, and kicks a mean kick,” will appear in a story by writers David Hein and Irene Sankoff , writers of the Broadway show Come From Away. Additionally, Spider-Verse #5 will feature the debut of another new Spider-Verse, with a Kris Anka-designed Web-Weaver making its debut in the issue.

One of the joys of spider worms sees all the new faces that appear throughout the series, as there are constantly new versions of spider-themed heroes appearing across the multiverse. Sun-Spider’s unexpected return is welcome, because seeing the Spidersona contest winner in her own story should be a lot of fun. It’s great to see Marvel develop the character and hopefully his reappearance will lead to Sun-Spider become a recurring character in the next spider worms comics and stories. spider worms #4 from Marvel Comics is in stores in September.

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