Maybe it’s Omega by Dr. Anwar A. Abdullah

Maybe… it’s Omega… (I) While living the dilemma of global authority, rarely in recent history have there been such conflicting views on where our human walk is heading. The author of civilization and its written history is at a crossroads. And so was born the modern tragedy as Nietzsche said: “there is no party without cruelty”. Alas, while the art of hunting men requires skill, killing them elicits heart-pounding stories. And while ignoring our deep conflict with Nature… the continued clash of Nation Vs. Nation has already caused modern politicians to make more and more decisions… but with so few ideas… and always at a rapid and rapid pace . As everything is on sale in the four corners of our earth… Wonderful! With a shudder of utopian Mammonism, where are we going? Author, East West Sword & Word, UrLink Print & Media publications, USA.

Maybe it’s Omega (II) Ever since the murder of his own brother Able, Cain had been dictating human history. And now, with postmodern Cain, who is losing respect in the art of statecraft, and Ko’rah, who will soon rival him in skill, it’s much more likely that the two will be in a trigger-game showdown. and the prey, will put an end to it themselves. When each competes against the other, the challenge seems beyond Cain, but going global, Ko’rah is appointed as Cain’s aide-de-camp today. If either political or economic hero has gained ground on Earth, then, for our historian Spengler, “politics sacrifices men for an idea, they fall for an idea; but economy only wastes them, war is the creator, hunger the destroyer of all great things”. Page 297 Chapter 14, my book. Author East West Sword Word. URLlink Publications, United States.

Perhaps it is Omega…(III) In truth, the adventure of the reorganization of the “Tender Natur”, the reprogramming of the “Living Cells”, and the current technotronic engineering of “Time” via machines digitized will gradually lead us moderns into an Alien Utopia. All in all, such a utopia has already promised a lot: to change history via Marxism, to change the earthly world via liberalism, to overcome human destiny via Nietzscheism, to tame life via Darwinism, and to tame the fire of life via watsonism… what a game of fragmentation to control…! Greed is bad, although neocapitalism promises a kind of utopia where greed can drive future progress. As such, the idea of ​​progress would lead us to the following question: why is the modern view of progress so poor?

Perhaps it is Omega…(IV) Since the French Revolution, humanity has had to suffer from the illusion of Nations; each against all the others, and all against Nature. The opposition “Man” & “Nature” hardly seems to be anything other than that of “Master & Slave”. Therefore, Nature is defeated by the Nations when the emerging technological “wild man” outweighs the beast of Nature. Nevertheless, nature has its own ploy to absorb our blows and deceive us while returning utter wrath upon humanity. Richard Preston asked what could cause Ebola: we all feel like it comes out of hiding when something occasionally alerts the very delicate balance of the ecosystem. We may be stronger in terms of grinding forces, but in terms of actual power, microbes are more numerous and more powerful than we thought.

Perhaps it is Omega…(V) Ougt we recall here the main concern of our historian O. Spengler: “Through money, democracy becomes its own destroyer, after money has destroyed the intellect”. Mr Rees also warns us moderns that “Our final hour” will be triggered “by the risks arising from 21st century technology”. Alas, for how innocent is this artistic technological knowledge in terms of recurrent Climatic, Economic, and possibly Genomic crises? And if man – & – nature should or profit take precedence? The new advent of acid rain may remind us moderns of the salt that ruined the mighty Babylonian civilization. So between the new acid and the old salt, humanity faces its most formidable rival of all time. “In the woods,” Emerson wrote, “we return to reason and faith.” Here, Plato viewed man’s reasoning faculty as “the element of God in him.” Nevertheless, as reason stops at the gates of modernity, the irrationality of the moderns replaces what is apparently perceived as the unjust cruelty of Nature.

Perhaps it is Omega… (VI) In such an imperfect world, while religious men often failed to pave the way for a better understanding of the purity of true faith through theology, irreligious scientists could not yet bridging the gap between nature and technology. A strange fruit of brain-based technology has killed the real man in all of us and left behind a wretched technotronic predator that dances with its own social machines. Hereby, to understand is to have a strategy, otherwise we might fall prey to what our high-tech hands have created. For Plato, “The goodness of the soul means the knowledge of good and evil, because all virtue is knowledge”. Such was Bacon’s conclusion: “Understanding is power”. Albert Einstein went further by proving “that knowledge and justice rank above wealth and power”. And so and so, in vain, it has often been explored and poetized: when will that brave spring come after such a long and dark winter of inhumanity?

Maybe it’s Omega… (VII) Modernity has unfortunately been aborted by a trend of modernism that is all about selfishness and total greed. Worse, this is how he settled into Orwell’s Animal Farm: “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others”. While the rate of acceleration of our material exploitation corresponds to what Thorstein Veblen calls “the predatory phase of human development”. The critical requirement of all civilization means more than present material progress…simply because it involves “moral order and tolerance” as the real measure of our civilized existence. And since we have failed as humanity in this endeavour… the real growing challenge of the 21st century lies in the crises of “social breakdown” of the man-made community. And worse, by isolating question knowledge from the central question of justice, modern science is embarking on a techno-tronic song of wealth and power. Justice, according to Omar Khayyam, “is the soul of the universe”. V. Hugo added “Justice has its anger, and the anger of Justice is an element of progress”. After all, even the essence of Democracy is an echo of a rather divine Justice: “Vox populi, Vox Die” Author EAST WEST: SWORD & WORD, Urlink Print & Media publications, USA.

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