New book by Erica Abeel: La Commune

The Municipality

ADELAIDE BOOKS is proud to present Erica Abeel’s latest book: La Commune

Her current novel The Commune is a comedy and key novel satire that takes us inside the Hamptons commune populated by the newly liberated women present at the founding of the 1970 Women’s March for Equality. The pioneer feminists of the Commune can speak, but find themselves caught between the bold new ideals of the women’s movement and the mighty tug of the past – and this is where the drama lies.

Erica Abeel is the author of five books, including the acclaimed Wild Girls (a Notable Book in Oprah Magazine) and Women Like Us, and the [auto-fiction] memory only when I laugh. She writes about women caught between convention and change. A former dancer, Abeel is professor emeritus of French literature at the City University of New York. When not writing fiction, she covers movies for online entertainment sites. Abeel cherishes the time spent with his family. An avid swimmer, she lives in both East Hampton and Manhattan.

244 Fifth Ave., D27, New York, NY 10001 United States

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