Russian-Ukrainian war: Moscow hints at reduction of objectives to focus on the “liberation” of Donbass – live | world news

The announcement [from the Russian defence ministry earlier] seemed to indicate that Moscow might move on to more limited goals after encountering fierce Ukrainian resistance during a month-long war.

The senior US official suggested that Russia’s activities on the ground appeared to largely support Moscow’s announcement.

“They prioritize it and we agree, our information matches that,” the official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told reporters.

The official said the United States saw Russian forces becoming more aggressive in the Donbas region.
“They’ve definitely made it a higher priority on their list,” the official added.

The city of Kherson, a regional capital of around 250,000, does not appear to be as firmly under Russian control as before and appears to be contested, the official said.

Kherson was the first major urban center to fall to Russian troops after their February 24 invasion of Ukraine.

Russian troops are largely pinned down around kyiv and establishing defensive positions, the official said.

For the first time, the official said, the United States had signs that Russia was looking to call on its troops in Georgia to help Ukraine. It was unclear what their timetable was and where exactly they would go, but the official said it would not be surprising if they were sent to the Donbass region.