Scott Morrison endangers national security, says Malcolm Turnbull


“He is one of the great leaders of our time – an extremely important figure in world politics, and of course especially in Europe,” he said. “I am not going to quote it, but what you have heard from the French government are opinions shared by all.”

The former prime minister said Mr Morrison “both by his own character, is not inclined to apologize or admit fault or fault”.

Mr. Turnbull also did not rule out not voting for the Liberal Party in the next federal election, saying that “it is a long habit, but it is also a secret ballot. It will be a matter between me and the ballot box ”.

He also urged Mr Morrison to attend the Glasgow climate conference after the PM confirmed he would not be able to travel abroad to attend the talks.

“History is made by those who come forward. If Mr Morrison decides not to go to Glasgow he sends a message, ”Mr Turnbull said. “His absence will send a strong message about his priorities. “

In his first public comments on canceling the submarine deal, Macron said Europeans must stop being so “naive” and fend for themselves in the Pacific.


“We must not give in to escalation, it is just a matter of making ourselves respected,” he said.

“The Australian decision does not change France’s Indo-Pacific strategy.

France has taken the extraordinary step of recalling its ambassadors from Australia and the United States, with its top diplomat in Canberra, Jean-Pierre Thébault, accusing Australia of “lies and treason” a few hours before embarking on a flight to Paris.