Solid-state battery maker ProLogium discusses overseas expansion plans in meetings with French President Macron and US officials

ProLogium has a three-phase construction plan for its first-ever overseas gigafactory. Total capacity is expected to reach 120 GWh when the plant is completed. The company is currently evaluating potential plant locations and a final decision is expected by the first quarter of 2023. A due diligence process will be carried out before the construction project begins. ProLogium also estimates that by 2031, the project will create more than 6,500 jobs, and the company is set to begin its global talent recruitment efforts in engineering, research and product development. , business management, etc.

ProLogium’s manufacturing competence has been well established over the past nine years. Its first production line for consumer applications began operation in 2013, and its roll-to-roll EV battery pilot line began production in October 2017. The battery manufacturer has proprietary technologies covering more than 500 patents (applied or granted) worldwide and has established more than 4,000 quality control elements in its production processes, achieving 99.9% efficiency for its manufacture of monolayer cells and a yield of 94% for multilayer cells. . The company has already shipped more than one million cells for consumer electronics applications (from 15mAh to 1Ah) with a very high level of customer satisfaction. It has already started the long process of testing and certification with the world’s major automotive OEMs by delivering nearly 8,000 EV battery cells (50~60Ah). These results have laid a solid foundation for its first 3 GWh mass production plant which is expected to come into service in early 2023.

“Our first-ever overseas gigafactory serves a key strategic objective: to be close to our customers to deliver timely products and services,” said Vincent Yang, CEO and Founder of ProLogium Technology. “United States and Europe play a crucial role in the automotive industry’s global value chain. Automakers are accelerating plans to expand their EV product line. With manufacturing bases in these regions, we will be able to better meet market needs and enjoy local political support. Proximity enables local production and local sourcing, planting closer to customers to reduce carbon footprint – a win-win solution for the benefit of both our customers and ProLogium.”

“Early July, with the recommendation and assistance of the U.S. Department of Commerce and Business France (Taiwan/France), we were invited to the SelectUSA Investment Summit and the Choose France Summit. We met with US officials and governors at the SelectUSA Summit. In Pariswe discussed the technological breakthroughs of next-generation batteries with the French president Emmanuel Macron during a face-to-face meeting during the Choose France summit and presented our overseas expansion plans and our major strengths in technology and mass production. Both the US and French governments have expressed full support for ProLogium to set up factories locally, an indication of the growing strategic importance of the next-generation battery. » Vincent Yang commented.

Earlier this year, leading international luxury car maker Mercedes-Benz entered into a technology cooperation agreement with ProLogium to develop next-generation EV battery cells. Earlier in July, Vietnamese electric vehicle manufacturer VinFast also signed a memorandum of understanding and entered into strategic cooperation agreements with ProLogium to secure the supply of next-generation solid-state batteries in a bid to expand its smart mobility solutions on a global scale.


Founded in 2006, ProLogium is a global leader in innovative next-generation battery technologies for automotive, consumer and industrial applications. ProLogium is the first battery company in the world to mass-produce solid-state lithium-ceramic batteries. Its proprietary technologies cover more than 500 patents (applied or issued) worldwide. ProLogium’s automated pilot production line has provided nearly 8,000 sample solid-state battery cells to global automakers for testing and module development. ProLogium Technology’s GWh-level solid-state lithium-ceramic battery factory will be the world’s first to come online in early 2023, and it aims to begin development by the second half of the year. year, followed by capacity expansion plans in major markets around the world. More information on

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