South African far-left party protesters call on France to ‘get out of Africa’

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Hundreds of protesters from a radical left-wing party in South Africa marched on the French Embassy in Pretoria on Wednesday to demand that France leave Africa.

Chanting “F*** off, France” and dressed in their signature red t-shirts and caps, the economic freedom fighters carried signs reading “West Africa is not a colony of the French” and “France must pay reparations for its colonial crimes”.

“You have killed many people in Africa. Why are you so scared today? the party’s incendiary opposition leader Julius Malema shouted into a microphone, saying he was speaking to “French white supremacists”.

Armed police guarded the embassy. French Ambassador Aurélien Lechevallier emerged briefly to receive their demands.

“We are friends of African nations,” he said.

The demonstrators arrived in buses rented by the party, according to AFP correspondents.

Malema, a master of political theater, broke with the ruling African National Congress nine years ago.

He attracted millions of supporters, especially among workers and the unemployed. He regularly denounces European and American imperialism and supported Russia after the invasion of Ukraine.