South of France hit by heavy rains, thunder and floods | World news

The south of France was hit again by heavy rains, thunderstorms and flooding after a similar deluge just a few days ago.

The equivalent of two months of rain would have fallen in two hours in a region of Gard.

Videos on social media showed torrential rains in the city of Nîmes and flooded streets in Calvisson.

People were also photographed sitting on a roof in the town of Gallargues, in the Gard.

Twenty-three people had been rescued from their vehicles by firefighters on Tuesday at noon, according to a report from local media La Provence.

A whitewater rescue team was also deployed to Nîmes and three helicopters were on standby near the city.

There were also disruptions on the A9 motorway and other main roads.

However, an earlier red weather alert for the Gard was eventually lifted and replaced with an orange alert for thunder, rain and flooding – which remains in place.

It comes after similar weather in southwestern France last week.

The French press agency AFP reported last Thursday that the equivalent of two months of rain fell in three hours in Agen in Lot-et-Garonne.

More than two meters of water were reported in some streets of Agen and more than 300 firefighters were deployed. However, no deaths or injuries were immediately reported.

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