The Flash: 10 best comic book numbers of the 2000s

The Flash has been one of the most enduring characters in the DC Comics universe. The 2000s were a significant time for the development of the character’s third incarnation, Wally West. Aside from the limited editions and one-shots, the scarlet speedster had a great run on the flash vol 2 which was primarily written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Scott Kolins.

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This volume is very popular with fans and has even inspired several episodes of the ongoing CW series. Flash. Towards the later years of the decade, Barry Allen also made an appearance with the miniseries. Renaissance leading to far-reaching consequences for the character’s future in the comics.

ten Final Crisis: Rogue’s Revenge (limited series)

The Flash running in a Final Crisis panel

A series of three issues within the Final crisis crossover, the Rogues holding that particular scenario are doing good this time around. The Flash Heat Wave comic book villains Captain Cold, The Weather Wizard, and Mirror Master join forces to defeat the evil Libra for making them work for Darkseid. Another mission is to seek revenge for the death of Bart Allen at the hands of his own clone Inertia.

It’s an interesting take on the anti-heroic Rogues while welcoming Barry Allen. In fact, it’s Allen’s return in Final crisis which led to The flash: rebirth and the following turning points in DC comics.

9 The Wild West (The Flash Vol 2 # 231-237)

The Flash on the cover of The Wild Wests

The Wild West reunites with Wally West and his two speedster children back in Keystone City after a tumultuous battle with Superboy-Prime. However, their problems only began when Wally finds out that his sidekick Kid-Flash has been murdered.

Having started out as a superhero himself very early on, Wally is often concerned about the well-being of his young charges. And this murder shakes him deep within him as he uncovers the mystery. This personal arc won over audiences not only because of its storytelling but also because it marked the return of Mark Waid, the writer who wrote many Sparkle comedic questions in the 1990s.

8 The Flash: Rebirth (Limited Series)

Flash Rebirth 6 cover

This six-issue limited series marked the perfect start of a new era as the decade ended with the flash vol 2. With Barry Allen returning from the dead in the Final crisis crossover event, Renaissance adds more context to his new journey. He meets every speedster in the history of the Flash Universe, ranging from allies like Wally West to villains like Savitar.

Adventures aside, Barry Allen is sure to be back for good. The character’s “rebirth” was celebrated among comic book fans, and the series set a benchmark for future storylines involving Barry Allen, including the TV adaptation.

7 Wonderland (The Flash Vol 2 # 164-169)

The Flash dragged by guards to Wonderland

Wally West finds himself weak and helpless as he is transported to a parallel version of Keystone City, courtesy of Captain Cold and the Mirror Master. In addition, it is also teleported to historical eras such as the French Revolution.

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In all, Wonderland is a fever dream and lives up to its name. The valiant Wally usually becomes confused and naive Alice as he descends the rabbit hole of Mirror Master’s “mirror world”. A major reason for fans to check out this arc is also the fact that it marked Geoff John’s debut as a writer for The Flash.

6 Darkest Night (Crossover)

Blackest night is an emotionally driven storyline that features the personified death force called Nekron. This spirit-like creature revives corpses and then removes all emotion from the resurrected souls. Nekron’s actions lead to the rebirth of several Green Lanterns and transform them into his own team of minions, the Black Lantern Corps.

Even though this is primarily a Green Lantern comic book issue, a Relaunched Flash (Barry Allen) also makes a major appearance in the fight against the Black Lanterns. Even Professor Zoom becomes one of the Black Lanterns, raising the stakes for Allen.

5 Blitz (The Flash Vol 2 # 192-200)

The Flash and the Zolomon Hunter

Gorilla Grodd is released from prison, leading Wally West to the rescue. Meanwhile, Hunter Zolomon aka the Reverse-Flash returns to destroy not only West but his family as well. What follows is a lot of hand-to-hand combat between the two speedsters, and of course, a lot of running.

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As Zolomon contemplates killing a pregnant Linda, the comic reveals his cruelty. As for Wally West, he struggles to push him away thinking about Zolomon’s past. Once a close friend and FBI profiler, his tragic story further adds to his character development.

4 Ignition (The Flash Vol 2 # 201-206)

The Flash spinning on the cover of Ignition

Ignition deals with a brainwashed Wally West who is slowly “relearning” his powers. But he needs to get back to his old self faster because Keystone City is riddled with crime. Even though Captain Cold seems to be the most likely perpetrator, the anti-hero claims there is someone else.

The storyline is interesting to read as Wally realizes his own worth as the world’s fastest man. As he tries to master his overspeed again, he goes through phases of introspection to understand the true extent of his powers. With the innocence of Captain Cold, Ignition also shows how much more he is than a one-dimensional Flash villain.

3 Blood will flow (The Flash Vol 2 # 170-176)

The Flash Blood Will Run cover

In Blood will flow, The Flash encounters a murderous cult that kills everyone Wally has saved. A personal angle is thrown into the mix when Wally’s former flame Magenta is also part of this cult.

The story arc shows how difficult it is for superheroes to settle into normal life. At first, Wally seems to be content with his wife Linda, but when two former lovers (Magenta and Jesse Quick) return to his life, chaos ensues again. In fact, Jesse’s name is also on the cult results list. Events like this barely give Wally time to breathe.

2 JLA / Avengers (limited series)

JLA Avengers Crossover

The biggest heroes of the Marvel and DC pantheon face off in this larger-than-life four-issue miniseries. Even though the Avengers and the Justice League later ally, their massive battle in early issues creates some iconic panels.

In Flash’s case, he takes on Marvel’s speedster, Quicksilver. An adrenaline-filled battle between these runners is hard to imagine on the big screen. Of course, fans of The Flash would be more than happy to find him battling the lightning-fast mutant.

1 Iron Heights (One-Shot)

The Flash Iron Heights cover

Compared to other Geoff Johns stories in Flash series, Iron Heights is quite dark. The one-shot takes place in the titular prison as the Scarlet Speedster aims to prevent a viral outbreak caused by a deadly surgeon. Darker secrets await him as the imprisoned Rogues Gallery flees with the surgeon.

The main antagonist of the series is Dr. Michael Amar, a man who has turned into a rushed killer to stop the voices in his head. As Flash seeks to interrogate him, he is shocked to find Amar shutting his mouth. This particular moment has to be one of the darker panels in the Flash comics.

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