The Netherlands and France reopen their embassies in Ukraine

The government of the Netherlands has announced that its embassy in the Ukrainian city of Lviv has started offering its services, operating with a limited number of staff.

“By returning first to Lviv in western Ukraine with a small staff, the embassy will get a good picture of the security situation there,” he added. pointed out in this regard the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as reported by Reuters.

If the situation is considered safe, the embassy will also offer its services in Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, reports

On February 22, two days before Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the Dutch embassy in Kyiv was moved to Lviv. Then the staff moved to Poland on February 26.

Besides the Netherlands, France, as well as other European countries, have started to reopen their visa application centers located in Ukraine.

The French Embassy in Kyiv has opened its doors to Ukrainian citizens after being temporarily closed.

Despite the fact that the French Embassy in kyiv resumed its work on April 15, it continues to urge French citizens not to travel to Ukraine. Before offering its services in the Ukrainian capital, the French Embassy was transferred to Lviv, where it had been operating since February 28.

According to French Ambassador Etienne de Poncins, “This return is due to the fact that the city is no longer directly threatened by an encirclement and that Russian troops have crossed the border in the other direction.” The words of the French ambassador came during an interview for France Info.

Belgian authorities have also announced that they will reopen their embassy in kyiv after being temporarily closed for security reasons in March. Such a decision was confirmed by Foreign Minister Sophie Wilmès.

In early March, the Belgian authorities announced the closure of the embassy in the Ukrainian capital and the evacuation of its staff “due to the evolution of the security situation”.

Recently, Italian Foreign Minister Luigi di Maio announced that the Italian Embassy would resume its activities after being moved to Lviv due to the Russian invasion.

The Italian Foreign Minister stressed that the transfer aims to show the need to find a diplomatic solution to the crisis.

Slovenian authorities have also announced that they will reopen their embassy in Kyiv, calling on European Union countries to follow this example.

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