This Kerala bungalow offers stunning 360 degree views of a lush tea estate

The master bedroom is also open to the elements, the only ornamentation being the striking headboard made of sal wood charred in the Japanese technique of shou sugi ban. But the most stunning thing here is the open plan bathroom with its sleek tub set on a perforated steel panel for drainage and positioned facing the patio doors that overlook the beautiful hillside. In the guest bedroom on the same floor, the curved roof is as much a design element as it is a practical way to keep rain and sun rays at bay. For Seemon, this meticulous blend of form and function is an important aspect of the design process. “You see the roof in a different perspective from the outside and when you enter that space,” he points out.

The master bedroom has an open plan that extends to a balcony on one side and the bathroom on the other.

Tim Jose Kunnath

While the toilet is tucked away, a tub overlooks the hills beyond.

Tim Jose Kunnath

While the camaraderie shared between the architects and the client facilitated the conceptualization of the project, at 4,000 feet above sea level, the location of the property posed logistical challenges. “We had to precisely cut everything out, but getting them up the hill to put them back together was difficult. You have to cross so many turns not only to access [the client’s] private property, but even to reach Vythiri. But seven years in the making, it’s obvious that this house in Kerala was definitely worth it.

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