Vladimir Putin News: Russia Will Stage False Flag Attack on Its Own Embassy to Trigger War in Ukraine | World | News

The potential trigger for a war between the United States and Russia was revealed after US intelligence agents uncovered Russian saboteurs inside Ukraine. US intelligence says Kremlin operatives are plotting a “false flag” operation to create a pretext to invade Ukraine. This could potentially drag the US into conflict with Russia, as US Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland has refused to rule out US military responses.

In an interview with Sky News’ Mark Stone, Ms Nuland exposed Vladimir Putin’s terrifying war plan.

It is understood that Russia plans to carry out a violent attack on the Russian embassy or consulate in Ukraine, which Moscow would then blame on far-right Ukrainian extremists.

Ms Nuland added that the Russians were looking for an excuse to invade – even if that meant attacking their own troops.

She said: “It’s straight out of the Russian playbook: trying, through sabotage operations, through false flag operations, blaming the other guy, to create this pretext, to give an excuse to come in , or to pretend like the Ukrainians were the aggressors, when in fact the first aggression may have even been committed by Russians against Russians, to blame the Ukrainians.”

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The veteran diplomat continued: “This is extremely worrying.

“You know, a nation doesn’t deploy 100,000 troops to another nation’s border and put its saboteurs inside the country without malicious and aggressive intent.

“It is a very expensive, difficult and dangerous operation. So why now?

She repeatedly declined to rule out whether the United States would deploy troops or respond militarily in the event of an invasion.

However, Tobias Ellwood warned that a Russian invasion of Ukraine could only be “days away”.

The Tory MP, who is chairman of the Commons Defense Committee, said: ‘I fear an invasion by Russian forces is inevitable and imminent and we have allowed that to happen.

It comes after a week-long failed US-Russian talks aimed at defusing tensions.

Yesterday, a major cyberattack against Ukrainian government ministries was blamed on Moscow.

The hackers left disturbing messages on websites saying: “Ukrainians. Be afraid and expect worse. This is your past, your present and your future.”