WATCH: Davao City Highland Food and Nature Trip

Experience a sea of ​​clouds at New Year’s Peak Mountain Resort and satisfy your cravings for Canadian comfort food at the Pilgrim Cafe and Restaurant. Hernel Tocmo

DAVAO CITY — As COVID-19 restrictions have eased, more and more people have started traveling and spending their time outdoors after two years of lockdown.

For residents of Luzon, Baguio and Tagaytay City are the go-to places to experience cool breezes and nature, while in southern Mindanao, Marilog district in Davao City is among the destinations that offer scenic views of high mountains. land and a cool climate.

At the start of the reopening of tourism, many people escaped the hectic city life through spontaneous road trips and planned vacations in Marilog.

Tourism may be affected by COVID-19 lockdowns, but some new restaurants and vacation homes have also opened.

One of them is New Year’s Peak hill station at Barangay Datu Salumay in Marilog, where a breathtaking sea of ​​clouds can be seen at sunrise.

Its modern and unique rest houses are surrounded by mountains and trees, perfect for those who want to relax or commune with nature. You can also swim in the large swimming pool with a perfect view of the Marilog mountains.

Apart from its restaurant, the resort also offers picnic packages that include a blanket, groceries, and other things.

Owner Mildie Loking said it started as a family rest home, but thanks to the pandemic they had more time to expand and develop it as a holiday home.

In the nearby Barangay Baganihan of Marilog, a new but thriving restaurant is visited by many locals and customers from nearby towns and villages.

The Pilgrim Café and Restaurant offers Canadian comfort food that will satisfy the taste buds of French and Canadian cuisine.

It is located a few meters from the Buda or Bukidnon-Davao national road.

Since opening their restaurant last December, many customers have dined and return for the sumptuous meals of starters, mains, desserts and pastries.


Delectable entrees include Canadian-inspired poutine, Middle Eastern hummus, orange and beetroot salad, lemon and oregano chicken, beef bourguignon, and truffle and garlic gnocchi. mushrooms.

Most of the ingredients are produced locally, which helps the community by hiring and training locals.

Owner Jeramie Go is a Davaoeño who worked as a chef for nearly 17 years in Toronto. Instead of starting a business there, he returned to his hometown of Davao City to build a restaurant for locals to sample Canadian comfort food.

The Mailog District is over an hour’s drive from downtown Davao.