Watch the captivating short film about JR August Song

February 10, 2022 – The atmospheric short film shows members of a lone women’s commune preparing a baby girl for a coming-of-age ceremony

Croatian singer and songwriter JR August has released a video for the song “I’m Afraid the Bird Will Die”, a track from his album Murky Waters (The EP Collection).

More specifically, it is a captivating short film, written and directed by Stefan Đorđević. Đorđević is a talented young filmmaker whose early works have won awards at film festivals in Sarajevo, Zagreb, Locarno and Belgrade.

Set to a hauntingly melancholy song, the film shows members of a community of isolated women preparing a baby girl for a coming-of-age ceremony. She is promised to marry a boy from a male commune after the ritual. Confused by the expectations placed on her, the girl runs away with another boy she loves.

Watch the movie here:

“I imagined this film as a visual experience, so I wanted to play on the atmosphere typically associated with municipalities. There is mud, and darkness, and poetry born from the colors of a brutally ended childhood. But childhood doesn’t end when someone says it’s over. It only stops once the imagination is gone,” said the filmmaker.

JR August (real name Nikola Vranic) is a Croatian singer, songwriter and producer known for his sold-out concert halls, rave reviews and international acclaim he has received in recent years. He was very happy that the film project saw the light of day after a long wait.

“I am extremely happy that fate brought me to Stefan, as I believe he is one of the most talented filmmakers in our region. From the outset, the project was framed as something that is not not “cheap” and should not appear as such, and since fortune smiles on the daring, we finally succeeded”, declared the musician.

JR August and Đorđević first planned to shoot the short film in 2016, but it was only last year that the filmmaker and his exceptional team finished the project. The film was produced by French company Eddy Production and co-produced by Servia Films of Serbia.

The Center National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée (CNC) in France saw the potential of the artistic project and granted funds to the two production companies to help bring the film to life.

The film was shot in Serbia for three days, in a karst area between the Lazarus Canyon and the Dubašnica River. It stars young actors Jana Nikčević and Đorđe Davidović.

The video premiered on Vimeo last week and premiered on YouTube on February 7, 2022.