What Happens With Bloodthirsty Locusts?

While fans of the horror film genre love to see shocking things, Swarm takes scary stories to a whole new level. The French-language film (original title The Cloud) debuted on Netflix on August 6, and the 101-minute tale will make you uncomfortable – and, maybe, itch a little bit.

The plot revolves around Virginie Hébrard (Suliane Brahim), a single mother of two children who supports her family by managing a locust farm. While initially using insects as high protein food, after an accident, she learns that they are thirsty for human blood.

The revelation turns out to be dangerous, but potentially lucrative, as the blood helps locusts grow and reproduce faster. Virginia orders containers of blood, but the bugs cannot distinguish between what is bought and what comes from a real, living human.

The end of Swarm will make viewers think long after the screen has gone black. Read on to find out what’s going on.

Explanation of the end of “The Swarm” – Does Virginia survive?

While Virginie is briefly away from the farm, she leaves her children, Laura (Marie Narbonne) and Gaston (Raphaël Romand), in charge of the locusts. Laura is frustrated with the amount of noise the locusts make, and she cuts slits in the greenhouse and annoys the bugs in a fit of anger.

Many locusts then escape from one of the greenhouses and Virginie is horrified when she returns and learns of it.

Later in the movie, Laura finds out that locusts feed on blood. She is troubled by the discovery, and Virginie’s friend Karim (Sofian Khammes) takes matters into his own hands to get rid of the dangerous locusts for good.

He checks one of the greenhouses, only to find that Duvivier (Christian Bouillette) has been killed by the bugs.

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Karim then spreads gasoline around the greenhouses in an attempt to burn the insects to death, and Virginie is devastated by the loss of her livelihood.

He orders Virginia to go home to seal all the windows and turn off the lights so the locusts don’t invade.

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While Virginie is distracted trying to put out the flames with a hose, Laura escapes from the house. Meanwhile, Karim dies after locusts manage to break through one of the closed windows.

Virginie finds her daughter by the lake on the property, but there is a swarm of locusts flying overhead.

They attack Laura while she is in the water, and Virginia tries to save her daughter by rubbing her face with blood. Although the matriarch dives below the surface of the water and it looks like she is dead, she emerges moments later.

The film ends with Laura and Virginie entwined in the lake.

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'The Swarm'

Source: Netflix