What is the function of the king and where does his income come from?

This is one of the photos royalty released after Prince Enrique’s union with Meghan Markle.

Why do kings, queens, monarchies exist in the 21st century, what is their political relevance?

It was a political model that led to a process of expansionism and domination over other regions, especially in Europe, over Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa, and after historical events such as the Industrial Revolution or the French Revolution, resulted in rights citizens. , created structures where the emperor was the head of state and the prime minister was the head of government, and gave way to a parliamentary monarchy.

“The Prime Minister is the head of government and the figure of the monarch as head of state is maintained. Its historical relevance has to do with the historical process of each country, the nation-state that stems from this logic. happened, and which maintains the monarchy as part of its formation process, as well as territories which were colonized centuries ago and recognize the British crown as head of state when they became protectorates”, explained Serrano Solares.

Between April 2021 and March 2022, Royal Family wage bills, i.e. payments made to employees working for the crown, amounted to £19.1 million. Which brings us to the next question:

Where does the money come from to maintain the monarchy?

“There are three areas in which the monarchy receives resources, the first of these is sovereign grants, these are lands that belong to the Crown, but have become states, although the definition is missing, economic performance which results is worse than the lands which the Crown is allotted to them in the budget assigned to them”.

“15% of the budget revenue Britain receives goes to the Royal Family, in what is called a Sovereign Grant. From this budget, funds are allocated to protocol events and to members of the royal family in their hierarchy (the Grand Degree) and are paid on the basis of their actions before the institutional bureaucratic apparatus,” explained the doctor.

There are two other objects, it refers to properties that had been held by the Crown since 1265, a type of personal finance held by the Royal Family, which are other properties or lands not directly in the center of Buckingham, but of which They have economic returns, but they do not generate returns for the State.

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