When French politicians protested Namaz’s public offer in 2017

The city of Gurugram in Haryana is witnessing the resistance of the Hindus against the illegal encroachment and the public offering of Namaz by the Muslim community. On Thursday, December 9, Muslims in Ekta Manch in the city reiterated their decision to offer namaz on the 37 public lands. On the other hand, Hindu groups also reiterated their determination to strictly oppose Namaz’s offer in these public places from December 10.

Gurugram Police and District Administration have been on high alert due to the possibility of a public order situation. However, this is not the first time since non-Muslims have opposed the Namaz public offering. In November 2017, around a hundred French politicians had to hit the streets of the commune of Clichy in the north-western suburbs of Paris. The aim was to protest the public offering of Namaz by the Muslim community on Friday by which they blocked roads and public spaces. Politicians wore tricolor scarves and sang the national anthem (Marseillaise) in unison.

It was in response to a group of 200 Muslims who offered Friday prayers in the streets of Clichy. Since France adheres to a strict secular system, using the public domain for prayers is unacceptable. The local Muslim community had prayed in the streets for 9 months before French politicians used the protests as a last resort. In their defense, the Muslims claimed that they had nowhere to pray and that a town hall, which was previously used for this purpose, was taken away from them.

Although the authorities have opened a new mosque for them, worshipers claims that it was 1.5 km away and difficult to reach. Through their street prayers, they hoped to put pressure on the town hall to open a prayer room in the heart of the town of Clichy.

Strong opposition by French politicians against the Namaz public

The president of the Paris Regional Council, Valérie Pécresse, led the demonstrations against Friday Namaz. He said: “Public space cannot be occupied in this way. We are in a country where we do not pray in the street, the rules of law are violated. ” Likewise, the mayor of the commune Rémi Muzeau nodded, “I am responsible for ensuring the peace and freedom of everyone in my city… We have done what the police should have done a long time ago.”

He also called on the Interior Ministry to ban Muslims from praying in the streets. In order to calm the situation and prevent any public order problem, a riot police contingent was deployed on the site. French politicians marched alongside Muslim worshipers in an attempt to physically move them.

Journalist Théo Maneval tweeted: “It gets even more surreal, as elected officials with their scarves try to push people into prayer. Crowds, jostling, falls of people … The police intervene. According to French politician Marine Le Pen, France should launch an offensive against Islamist provocations. “What is the Minister of the Interior waiting for to restore public order and secularism? Laxity is not an option, ”he concluded.

Residents of Sector 37 of Gurugram chant “Jai Shri Ram” in protest

On December 3, local residents and members of various Hindu organizations were forced to launch a protest after large numbers of Muslims took to the public land in Sector 37 of Gurugram to offer namaz Friday.

There are dozens of mosques in Gurugram, but the Muslim community has insisted on using public spaces and roads for Friday prayers, a practice opposed by local non-Muslims.

Videos have surfaced showing the Hindus chanting the slogans “Jai Shri Ram” and “Vande Matram” as they protest against the Namazis who have reached public land to offer their Friday namaz. Police in Gurugram, instead of preventing Muslims from offering Namaz in the open space, were seen physically removing Hindus from the ground. Police were seen pushing and creating a human chain to stop protesters from preventing Muslims from offering Namaz.

Gurugram police were reported to have arrested nearly 50 people trying to prevent Muslims from offering Namaz in Sector 37 on December 3. Opposition to the illegal occupation of public places by Muslims to offer their religious prayers continues to gain ground. For weeks now, conscientious residents have pushed back Muslims who have resorted to common prayer in public places instead of mosques and homes.

Recently, Haryana CM ML Khattar announced that the blocking of public spaces in the name of Friday namaz will not be allowed.

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